24 Apr '13, 10pm

contra #fashion

contra #fashion

Saturday at Coachella I wore all black, balancing out the sticky factor of a leather skirt in the desert with a silk camisole I think I packed by mistake. I answered some questions for Rag & Bone’s blog – head over that way to find out my vote for best dressed, what I like to spray on my face, and which Band-aids are the only ones worth buying! Now who’s ready for Stagecoach?

Full article: http://www.fashiontoast.com/2013/04/contra.html


H&M/@hm ♥ @Coachella [fashiontoast - California]

H&M/@hm ♥ @Coachella [fashiontoast - California]

fashiontoast.com 27 Apr '13, 12am

for having me and Colin at Coachella for weekend 2 – as a result this photo diary is going to be a full front page takeove...

Day 3 of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver #ecofashionweek #vancouver #knitwear #femininity #fashion #ecofashion #eco

Day 3 of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver #ecofash...

ecofashionworld.com 24 Apr '13, 6pm

Jessica McIlroy is a sustainability consultant with extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, climate change ...

sidewinder #fashion

sidewinder #fashion

fashiontoast.com 27 Apr '13, 8pm

Down this sandy road is a bus stop and a bus stop only. The perfect place to shoot photos and get sunstroke with minimal s...

#FashionToast no knoll: Pelican bag, you’ve ser...

fashiontoast.com 21 Apr '13, 11pm

, you’ve served me well even though I don’t know what you could possibly have to do with water birds. Behold me confused o...