31 Mar '13, 7pm

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is one of my favorite trends because it's like having ten tiny paintings incorporated into your look. But it doesn't always have to be textbook "pretty." Spooky nail art celebrating Halloween is out in full force! From blood to jack-o-lanterns to skulls, decorative nails are a great way to stay festive throughout the entire month. Here are some of my favorites:

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Tutorial: Easter Egg Nails

michellephan.com 31 Mar '13, 4pm

Easter eggs are so cute! Why not wear them on your nails?! You'll never have a hard time finding your Easter eggs if you'r...

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michellephan.com 31 Mar '13, 7pm

Here’s one resolution that you can keep next year: thanks to CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ treatments , you can have ...

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Homepage New, Now Journeys Collections Stores Louis Vuitton Pochette Orsay MONOGRAM - Pochette Orsay : <p>The Orsay clutch...

NAIL DIY!! Come check out my tutorial at #diy #newpost

NAIL DIY!! Come check out my tutorial at #diy #...

theseams.blogspot.com 22 Mar '13, 6am

Supplies: magazine, nail polish, clear polish, razor knife, toothpick Step 1: Cut words out from a magazine article with a...

New post: Doctor Who-style WiFi

New post: Doctor Who-style WiFi

hackaday.com 01 Apr '13, 1pm

If you didn’t catch the latest episode of Doctor Who, here’s the plot: Random people connect to strangely-named WiFi netwo...

1 Minute DIY Nail Trick!

michellephan.com 02 Apr '13, 7pm

Before there were matte nail polishes and mattifying top coats, there was another way to make your nails matte— using stea...

Comfort Food, Singapore Style

Comfort Food, Singapore Style

roadsandkingdoms.com 29 Mar '13, 8pm

On paper, it appears bowl-of-cereal simple: boil the water, drop the chicken, cook the rice, pile one on top of other. It’...