13 Oct '17, 1am

Maybe, like me, your constant “yes” is driven by fear. #write31days #holyhustle https://t.co/U2S0zDuQ0v

Time Management Tip : Learn to say “no” to good to leave room for great Maybe, like me, you find yourself afraid to say “no” to a request, opportunity, or addition to your to-do list because you wonder if this is your ONE chance to do the thing. Maybe, like me, your constant “yes” is driven by fear – afraid you’ll be left out, not included, not considered a valuable contributor to the team. Maybe, like me, you have your worth wrapped up in your “yes” instead of in Jesus. One of the reasons I wrote “Holy Hustle” was because I knew God was taking me on a journey from striving to serving – and I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only woman who might need the encouragement and challenge it would take to do what God was asking me to do. This life of holy hustle isn’t about saying “no” to everything and living a life of relaxation and laziness. It’s a life fit for a warrior – some...

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Top-Level Constant Lookup Removed in Ruby 2.5:

bugs.ruby-lang.org 12 Oct '17, 5pm

If ruby cannot find a class in the specified scope it uses the top-level constant of the same name if it exists and emits ...