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5 days ago ... A few days before my period, I get pretty bad breakouts and clogged pores on my lower cheek. I freaked out, told Rita of my face condition.

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    LOSE WEIGHT FAST with OSIM uShape massager.

    reieek.blogspot.com 28 Jan '14, 6am

    I'm up early on a Saturday for a reason! I was invited to OSIM uShape easily burns off excess calories from festive feasting. Saw the golden word!? Yes, that's right. With Chinese New Year fast approaching, irresistible goodies like pineapple tart, love letters and bak kwa (barbequed ...

  • Blog updated on my recent visit at Beauti Instinct


    reieek.blogspot.com 25 Jan '14, 7am

    My face looks like got stung by bees after extraction. After they cleared my pores , Rita knows that i'm really bad at keeping skin clean, she recommended me this treatment called CELL RENEWAL TREATMENT (CRT) 
It treats acne fast , prevents new breakouts and formation of new acne scar...

  • JW Plastic Surgery Korea: Consultation day.

    JW Plastic Surgery Korea: Consultation day.

    reieek.blogspot.com 13 Mar '14, 3am

    I have multiple folds on my eyelids. To achieve a more define eyelids, Dr Choi suggested me to do incisional double eyelids surgery and ptosis to life the upper muscle so I will not look sleepy. This is a procedure to repair saggy and droopy upper eyelids. This is very challenging pro...

  • Blog updated on my new make up brushes. For discount code read more at


    reieek.blogspot.com 18 Sep '13, 4am

    Every lady needs a set of good makeup brushes. I believe that a good make up tools and with the correct technique of application gives you a flawless look. The makeup brushes you choose make a big difference. I bought a range of brushes to try years ago. They are pretty good and i tho...



    reieek.blogspot.com 09 Sep '13, 5am

    • I'd put my arms in my shirt and told people I lost my arms • Would restart the video game whenever I knew I was going to lose • Had that one pen with four colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once • Waited behind a door to scare someone, then leaving because they're taking t...


    Le Eiffany

    reieek.blogspot.com 08 Sep '13, 6am

    I simply love mix and match my outfits though i might take up some time to decide my final outfits. Well i enjoyed doing what i love doing. So I play around with these clothes which i received from Le Effiany few days ago. Le Effiany is a new blog shop, their apparels are more towards...

  • Today's blog post featuring Shopdiygalore! Simple love the cutout design of this white peplum and dress. Read more at


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    BEAUTI INSTINCT: MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL BEAUTI INSTINCT To achieve korean small face without botox. No down time or side effect. I always wanted a smaller face shape bec... My whitening journey with Albion Exage White + Redeem free trial kit & vouchers! About a year odd ago, my skin was br...

  • Blog updated on my neon pink satchel and many more pretty stuff. More details in my blog at


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    Antic1ockwise aim to bring you products that they personally love. Hence, you customers can be assured that all their products are handpicked with love to offer you a wide variety of trendy and unique fashion choices. You may visit their boxes at TOY OUTPOST Plaza Singapura for some e...