1 hour ago ... Heard that there's this other interesting app coming up, called Wear & Where! It helps to make shopping a whole lot easier. Instead of alerting ...

Link: ohsofickle.blogspot.com

  • My First Baby Checklist

    My First Baby Checklist

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 26 Jul '14, 10am

    When I was doing the calculation, I was shocked at the amount. Of course, not everyone would buy all the stuff I mentioned above but most new parents who can afford to would do so I guess? Did not expect it to be so much! Some of the items were sponsored/gifted so I actually spent les...

  • Week #32

    Week #32

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 23 Jul '14, 6pm

    Keep worrying i'm never gonna look good and feel as confident as before. I've been fine the past few weeks but this week I am just so easily depressed and upset?! :( I keep on comparing my pregnancy face and my pre-pregnancy face, which I know is stupid to do because no one looks bett...

  • Widow's Peak

    Widow's Peak

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 13 Jul '14, 12pm

    I used to HATE tying my hair back because of my Widow's Peak (the v hair line). I hated it so much when I was younger I shaved it all the time so I could fei my hair back and look normal. However as I grew older, a lot of people told me that it shouldn't be something to be embarassed ...



    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 07 Jul '14, 5am

    Hi, I'm Tammy. Im a '91 kid. I've been blogging since '06. I update my blog pretty frequently with just about anything. Been an online store owner since '07, please check out my online store, thank you! I love dolling up and cam-whoring which explains the amount of selfies i post onli...

  • Week #31

    Week #31

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 17 Jul '14, 5am

    My sleep patterns are so weird nowadays. I wake up every 2-3 hours because it is so uncomfortable. Also, I wake up with leg cramps every day without fail! Been trying to change the position I sleep in but the leg cramps just won't leave me alone!! My feet hasn't really swelled as big ...

  • Elixir Juice

    Elixir Juice

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 17 Jul '14, 5am

    Elxir Juice have upgraded to using the world's most renowned juicers. Hydraulic pressure is used to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. The tremendous pressure exerted by the Hydraulic Press gently and completely extracts the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other...

  • 10 Don'ts: First Date

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 17 Jun '14, 2am

    This actually applies to both genders. I know many girls think that guys should be the one paying. So you think you deserved it?!?! If it's a first date, as a girl i usually offer to split the bill. Some guys accept it and some reject it. Either way, it is fine with me. Some guys dare...

  • New In

    New In

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 15 Jun '14, 1am

    We are so in love with our new OSF Face, Eunice Annabel! She is soooo beautiful and is such an awesome model to work with. :)


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