1 hour ago ... Heard that there's this other interesting app coming up, called Wear & Where! It helps to make shopping a whole lot easier. Instead of alerting ...

Link: ohsofickle.blogspot.com

  • Talk Talk

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 30 Mar '15, 6pm

    On annoying anti-LKY videos and posts... People can say say say all the shit they want. And yes some of us do see and face the same issues but do you have a solution to all the problems you have raised? Can you resolve the problems better? You can be as observant as you are and have a...


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 27 Mar '15, 5am

    Don’t worry! Helpling ensures the best quality of legal cleaners through its strict and thorough onboarding process by personally interviewing cleaners who are either Singaporeans or permanent residents. There’s more – Helpling is the first and only on-demand cleaning service in Singa...

  • g.spa


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 26 Mar '15, 4am

    Being able to write for a spa company i have been going to for such a long time is such an honour! I've mentioned before that i really like visiting g.spa because i personally think it's one of the more affordable spa places and also it is opened 24 hours!

  • Things to Do in Perth

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 28 Mar '15, 2am

    First, to get around perth easily, you need a car and a GPS (you can just use your phone's Google Maps). You can rent a car by comparing prices online and booking first before you go there. When you are there you can collect your car from the airport counter. I think I paid $500 for 5...

  • Short Update

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 24 Mar '15, 4am

    It's Day 5 in Perth and it's been pretty amazing! Although I REEEEALLY miss Elroy and can't wait to go back to Singapore at the same time. I am loving how laid back everyone is and it's really a good break from the stress and drama back home. :) thankful to be able to experience life ...

  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 09 Mar '15, 9am

    A reader recommended i try this and i must thank her as i think this has been helping my hair grow!!! I put a few drops on the bald spots on my scalp and massage it. Has a tingling sensation after application. I always imagine little baby hair sprouting out as i sleep haha. The smell ...

  • Planning for the Future

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 17 Mar '15, 5am

    I will not exactly quit-quit but maybe only then will i be able to afford to do more unpaid reviews, of products i bought using my own money and i can also say how much i dislike some products without being afraid of not being able to get clients "related" to the brand. And i don't ha...

  • KOSE

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 28 Feb '15, 2am

    2015 is a very special year for KOSÉ, as it is the 30th Anniversary of their best-selling SEKKISEI skincare range (yes, the blue-coloured one)! To celebrate, they have collaborated with Disney to release limited edition Cinderella-themed products! Really excited to watch the movie btw...


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