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Still can't believe in a few hours time I'll be at one of the best islands in the world! Just when I thought I was done with traveling for the year, ...

  • Say My Name: Equinox

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 05 Jun '13, 2pm

    Did a quick research on it and realized the Pink Brunch is only available every last Sunday of the month! Lucky us because our anniversary is on the 30th ;)

  • Say My Name: Asian Skin Solutions

    Say My Name: Asian Skin Solutions

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 11 Jun '13, 1am

    I know some of you hardly go or rather have never tried facial. I personally love going for facial because every time my beautician extracts the white heads/pimples from my face, my skin becomes smoother after that and it makes putting on makeup much easier.

  • Say My Name: My First and Last

    Say My Name: My First and Last

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 22 Jun '13, 10am

    For people with mono lidded eyes or double lidded eyes that need more definition added to it. For people with mono lidded eyes. Durable with permanent results, and only has to be done once. However, the procedure is irreversible. Also known as the suture technique, this procedure prod...

  • Say My Name: Dream X Playhouse X Dom

    Say My Name: Dream X Playhouse X Dom

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 24 Apr '13, 2pm

    Hi all I'm back! Back in one piece hah So yea I'm such a joke for worrying about this and that. Super embarrassed about how overly paranoid I was in my previous post. The people in Seoul are super chill please lol. Lu showed me this picture the night before when I was still persuading...

  • Say My Name: Change x

    Say My Name: Change x

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 13 Jun '13, 2pm

    For those who don't know why it's called Redken Cocktail Treatment, basically it's a 3-step treatment that is set to target different hair issues, mixing several serums and lotions in a cocktail shaker to obtain a treatment that is specially created for you.

  • Say My Name: Image Heavy

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 27 Mar '13, 9pm

    It depends if you're a fun loving person actually! I personally dislike going during SongKran cos the thais splash water at anyone they see on the streets. So if you don't mind getting all wet you can still visit during that period. Yes go try Greyhound/Sweet Hound/Another Hound but n...

  • Say My Name: SELLING

    Say My Name: SELLING

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 08 May '13, 2pm

    Prada Saffiano Lux Comes with original full packaging, original receipt and authenticity card! Double Handles, Gold Plated Hardware Side snap expandable closure Includes authenticity card, dustbag, paperbag & receipt Measures 35.5 x 26 x 15cm Made in Italy Condition 9/10 Letting go at...

  • Say My Name: Of food &more food

    jolenezhou.blogspot.com 17 May '13, 7pm

    But Christopher lee is still my ultimate favourite heh I wished he was pointing to me instead lol but don't get me wrong, am also a fan of FannWong!


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