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  • Today we're feeling inspired by how bloggers style our #HVV apparel:

    Bloggers in

    hervelvetvase.com 16 Jan '15, 3am

    Today we’re feeling inspired by how bloggers are wearing our Her Velvet Vase apparel. Kick start your fashion journey in 2015 with some fresh new styles.

  • Behind-the-scenes: #HVVgirl Holiday Lunch!

    hervelvetvase.com 08 Jan '15, 9am

    Now already into the second week of 2015, and before we go into the five (long) weeks of January, we rounded up 2014 by rewarding ourselves for all the hard work our HVVgirls put in for the end of year festive season with a massive buffet lunch session at Lime at Park Royal on Pickeri...

  • We love our ripped denim // Don't miss out on our double points deal when you purchase

    HVV Weekly

    hervelvetvase.com 16 Jan '15, 3am

    What's New Apparel Tops Dresses Bottoms One Piece Suits Outerwear HVV Basic Accessories Bags Jewellery Shoes Others HVV Mood Mood Box Buy an Outfit HVV Weekly Sale Backorders Backorder Status HVV Blog HVV: In Style! What's New Apparel Tops Dresses Bottoms One Piece Suits Outerwear HVV...

  • Blog

    hervelvetvase.com 30 Oct '14, 8am

    Next, feeling adventurous and wanted to have something different, Jolynn and Serena chose to settle with the Baked Lemongrass Chicken (the owner’s own recipe!) and the Sweet Potato Waffle. The flavourful chicken thigh marinated with fragrant Lemongrass served to be a great combination...

  • We have opened up BO slots in very limited quantities for our best selling Aurora Winter Coat. Get yours now:

    Aurora Winter Coat - Backorder

    hervelvetvase.com 17 Oct '14, 12am

    Don't quite understand how Backorder works or need more assistance with Payment Methods, Shipping Details, Returns & Exchanges? Our customer service team will be more than happy to help you out!

  • You can find all the behind-the-scenes pictures from our Sunstruck swimwear collection up on our HVV Blog!

    Behind-The-Scenes: HVV Summer 2014 Swimwear Photo shoot

    hervelvetvase.com 10 Jun '14, 5am

    Behind-The-Scenes: HVV Summer 2014 Swimwear Photo shoot 07th June 2014 Summer brings about endless possibilities and endless adventure. Enjoy the little things - salt in the air, sand in your hair. The tan lines will fade but the memories won't. #hvvperfectsummer *click on image to re...

  • Want to give yourself a HVV makeover? Check out our blog post for some tips now!

    HVV Makeover

    hervelvetvase.com 05 May '14, 7am

    05th May 2014 Always wanted to give yourself a makeover, but never knew where to begin? Well, we’ve got you ladies covered and have decided to share some quick simple tips to achieving a glamorous look. To start, our goal for the makeover is to have a complete simple party-ready outfi...

  • We've opened more slots for some of our popular items, get them before they're all filled up!


    hervelvetvase.com 15 Aug '14, 2am

    Traveller Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - Backorder


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