Girl for Sale

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Link: girlforsale.org

  • Curatorial Guide – Girl for Sale

    girlforsale.org 10 Jan '18, 3pm

    Every year, thousands of girls are tricked, intimidated or forced into the shadows of sweatshops and brothels for labor and sexual exploitation. Some are taken across oceans, others just across the street. This modern day slavery is the second most lucrative international illegal trad...

  • Girl for Sale

    girlforsale.org 20 Feb '17, 7pm

    Girl for Sale Girl for Sale is a collaborative exhibition about girl trafficking that interrogates and responds to the issues through poetry, art and education. For more information, read our Curatorial Guide. Participation We are seeking people interested in hosting community events,...

  • Trafficking Maps

    girlforsale.org 11 Feb '16, 4pm

    Human trafficking occurs all over the world. In North America, there are over a dozen major trafficking hubs. This means that people, primarily girls and women, are brought from all over the world—by boat, airplane or car. The traffickers use false passports and paperwork so that the ...