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  • This is an incredible story! The donor and recipient are from different countries, but the match has been made!

    South African Girl with PRCA Gets German Match | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 09 Mar '17, 12pm

    Our 8 year-old daughter Rachel was admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa yesterday, March 6, to prepare for her bone marrow transplant . It is auspicious for us that she was admitted during Bone Marrow Failure Awareness Week. Two years ago we discovered Rachel ...

  • What You Can Do for Awareness Week | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 04 Mar '17, 11pm

    Advocate for your own health. Learn what you can do to be a strong and empowered patient for yourself or your loved one. Advocate for all bone marrow disease patients through political advocacy. Learn more about what you can do. Spread the word about bone marrow failure disease by inc...

    1. Sara Massey | Aplastic Anemia and aamds.org 04 Mar '17, 4pm
  • Pharmacy student Sara is holding 4 bone marrow drives motivated by her pharmacist mom Jane, newly diagnosed w MDS.

    Sara Massey | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 04 Mar '17, 4pm

    My mom is a pharmacist and I currently attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, I was shocked and sad but I wasn’t scared. To me, breast cancer was one of the “normal” cancers. I remember the exhausting days...

  • Meet Anna Sobon, aplastic anemia survivor - in our "I'm Like You" series. Read her story and watch her video.

    Anna Sobon | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 01 Mar '17, 4pm

    Within a week, she was rushed to Seattle for her transplant. The doctors had chosen her 12-year-old sister Theresa to be Anna’s “savior”. But even as she faced her own fears about the procedure and its unknowable outcome, Anna worried that her little sister would feel responsible if t...

  • This San Diego family of an MDS patient takes action for awareness!

    San Diego Family Takes Action for Awareness | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 12 Feb '17, 4pm

    Amy Ohton speaks about her husband’s MDS and her son’s initiative to hold a swabbing drive My husband David’s journey with MDS began in April 2014, when it was discovered almost by chance while we were on vacation. David was bitten by a brown recluse spider and had a very severe react...

  • Saved by her twin sister, Katherine, now 31, celebrates her survival every day.

    Saved by Her Twin Sister | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 13 Feb '17, 5pm

    I was your typical 14 year old teenager who always enjoyed spending time with friends and playing sports. On and off for about two years, my parents would take me to see different doctors to figure out why I had aches and pains, stomach issues and fatigue. When I tried out for the mid...

  • AAMDSIF Merger with PNHF Finalized | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 13 Jan '17, 9pm

    This month, AAMDSIF finalized its merger with the PNH Research and Support Foundation that we first announced to you on Nov. 1. When nonprofit allies share a long history of successful engagement for the same cause, it stands to reason that they’ll get married someday. After years of ...

  • Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA) | Aplastic Anemia and

    aamds.org 21 Feb '17, 6pm

    There are three types of PRCA: Acquired Pure Red Cell Aplasia: This is a very rare condition and usually affects adults. It is characterized by an absence of red cell precursors (reticulocytes) in the marrow and a low red blood cell count. The amounts of white blood cells and platelet...


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