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Vincent has an amazing story:

Vincent has an amazing story:

“They thought it was because I had no iron, that I was iron deficient.” The extensive blood work that followed told a different story. Vince never had any of the symptoms typically associated with bone marrow failure disease, so his MDS diagnosis came as a serious shock. He clearly remembers being terrified when he heard how short his life expectancy would be, but that’s because his doctor at the time had left out a crucial detail – if he decided against getting treatment, the result would be a dramatically abbreviated life. He wasn't going to let that happen.

Full article: http://www.aamds.org/like-you/vincent-rusak


You make patient support possible. Thank you!

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Please be aware that the AAMDSIF HelpLine is an information and referral line and is not staffed by clinical professionals...

Former Aplastic Anemia patient is a Marathoner!

Former Aplastic Anemia patient is a Marathoner!

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Recovered Aplastic Anemia Patient Connects with Community Development and Professional Running I grew up in the Boston are...

Really cool to be part of this group to facilit...

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On June 17, the AAMDSIF Patient Advisory Council on Clinical Trials (PACCT+) members met in Arlington, Virginia for the se...