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#LolitaUpdate: [-★-Newly Added Striped Ouji Set-★-] ✨✨ [-✂-Customizable-✂-]: https://t.co/LDDKea8OZ9

#LolitaUpdate: [-★-Newly Added Striped Ouji Set-★-] ✨✨ [-✂-Customizable-✂-]: https://t.co/LDDKea8OZ9

***Item Name:Stripe Series Version II -Ouji Lolita Full Set [--Coat + Vest + Short Pants --] ***Materials: High quality blended fabric suit cloth. ***Composed of: A Vest/Short Pants/Coat/ Coat+Vest+ Short Pants Fullset. The brooch and other accssaries shown in the pics are not included. ************************************** --Pre-order price for the pants: 35.99USD; Pre-order price for the vest: 43.99USD; Pre-order price for the coat: 71.99USD; Pre-order price for the fullset: 146.99USD. --The pre-order will END on November 30, 2016 ************************************** ***Process Time: Pre-order (NOT in stock), the vest/pants/coat needs 45-55 days tailor and process time, then shipping. Please only order if you are willing to wait.

Full article: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/stripe-series-version-ii-o...


#LolitaUpdate: [-★-NyaNya Lolita -Marie & Curie- Series-★-] ✨✨ Learn More: https://t.co/uhnLN38nLE

#LolitaUpdate: [-★-NyaNya Lolita -Marie & Curie...

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NyaNya Lolita -Marie & Curie- Series Reminder: Login to your account when order, you can get customer reward points for ea...

No estoy babeando con este abrigo. No. Para nada.

No estoy babeando con este abrigo. No. Para nada.

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***Item Name: Dream of Lolita ~Magnolia Embroidery~ Lolita Coat ***Materials: Artifical Wool. ***Composed of: The price is...

Mersey Ferries service set to return this weekend

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The Mersey Ferries service is set to resume this weekend with our Snowdrop ‘ Dazzle Ferry’ due back on the river on Saturd...