27 Sep '16, 3pm

Read about Joe Ellenberger's inspirational battle against PNH:

Read about Joe Ellenberger's inspirational battle against PNH:

For people who have recently learned they have PNH – I encourage them to try and do what I did. Get a specialist, and learn to be your own best advocate and speak up when you need something. Don’t let this medical challenge completely take over your life – things are going to be different, but still try to live in the most normal way you can. Everyone experiences adversity – so even with what you are going through, try to be a source of support for others, no matter what their challenges are. I think some of what I learned as a wrestling team captain and later as an assistant coach helped developed some of the personal skills I am using to live with PNH. As a team, we had upsets and defeats that were hard to face, but you dealt with them and lived to fight and compete another day. I used these same attitudes to deal with PNH.

Full article: http://www.aamds.org/patient-chronicles/joe-ellenberger


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