27 Jul '15, 3pm

We are excited to announce our grant to Katherine King, aplastic anemia researcher at @bcmhouston:

This AA&MDSIF research grant will enable us to do basic and essential work on the effects of inflammatory signaling on bone marrow stem cells. We have known for some time that excessive inflammation can suppress bone marrow; now we are taking the next steps to find out how inflammation injures hematopoietic stem cells . We hope that our research will lead to novel ways to interrupt the development of

Full article: http://www.aamds.org/grant-recipient/katherine-king-phd


We are proud to fund the work of PNH researcher...

aamds.org 26 Jul '15, 3pm

Our proposed research addresses one of the main and unresolved issues in the biology of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuri...

Penangan durian Musang King #SHKEL #SHOnline

sinarharian.com.my 28 Jul '15, 12am

GUA MUSANG - Setiap kali musim durian, durian kunyit atau lebih dikenali sebagai Musang King antara jenis durian yang dise...

#TBT King Seiko 45-7001

#TBT King Seiko 45-7001

fratellowatches.com 23 Jul '15, 6am

Regarding finishing, the King Seiko delivers on a level often seen on watches costing multiples more. Also, while we make ...