30 May '14, 3pm

"PNH doesn’t run my life, I lead my life with my PNH in it" -Alani Diaz Read more:

“I never even had a cavity before I was diagnosed with PNH , plenty of denial later, I now live my life with PNH in it and don’t let PNH run my life!” I lead an ordinary life, a healthy life. My name is Alani and this is my story. I was born in Massachusetts, raised by my single mom. I grew up with my older brother and little sister. I did ok in school but my passion was for riding bikes and skateboards. The highlight of my childhood was racing BMX bikes every weekend. My mind enjoyed thinking and going. Mechanical comprehensions came quite naturally to me. When I got into high school I enrolled in the welding program and obtained my certificate, it suited my thinking skills and kept me busy. I was healthy as a horse, hardly ever sick. As the years went by I was invincible, working hard, playing hard, and raising my family, I even got engaged and was ready to settle down. ...

Full article: http://aamds.org/patient-chronicles/alani-diaz


Homemade Alarm System Doesn’t Lack Features

hackaday.com 30 May '14, 8am

In my opinion, the best way is still to grant the arming/disarming module function accessible before the door entry (as mu...