28 Mar '14, 4am

Twin Lens Reflex Camera *drooling*

Twin Lens Reflex Camera *drooling*

Brother of the famous Recesky TLR camera, this is the Recesky self-assembled pinhole camera. Another toy camera-collectors item! Again, this is a FULLY manual(no batteries), 35mm film, self-winding of film, self-assembled pinhole camera The pinhole camera (has 3 pinholes) is able to shoot in 3 formats: - 4:3 Regular frame - 8:3 shoots 2 frame in one shot, gives a TRUE panoramic image - 3D stereo photography, shoots 2 slightly similar photos in 2 frames, which can be viewed 3D with the 3D viewer (also in the package). How awesome it is to shoot in so many formats in this tiny camera. Many formats to experiment with!

Full article: http://sgflea.livejournal.com/138401888.html


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