27 Dec '11, 4pm

@donabellaim itu harganya lbh atasan sih, tp ak lumayan sk jg. warna2 cenderung yg netral.

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[Daily Blog Reads] Love Bonito + Wicked :) - Finally!!! I have some time on my hands for an update. Apologies for th...

[Daily Blog Reads] Love Bonito + Wicked :) - Fi...

jjjayne.com 28 Dec '11, 3pm

Finally!!! I have some time on my hands for an update. Apologies for the lack of updates, especially for the past few week...

Bags + clothes + cute accessories <3

Bags + clothes + cute accessories <3

pxdkitty.blogspot.com 02 Jan '12, 3pm

I know I've been posting about mainly apparels recently and some of you may be looking for bags to match it? :) So I'm gon...


lovebonito.com 08 Jan '12, 2pm

A delicate and exquisite oriental choice. Revisit your heritage this special occasion in the number’s unique charm. Fully ...


eukicks.com 02 Jan '12, 3am

Wait no further and get 40% off accessories, sh...

mdscollections.com 09 Jan '12, 2am

bags, shoes & clothing online.

@RainBowL0ve this one aso nice!!

@RainBowL0ve this one aso nice!!

lovebonito.com 08 Jan '12, 4pm

Simply gorgeous and stunning. The perfect dress for those end year parties! Pleated chiffon bosom and matte structured sat...