• Weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. February, 5

    dev.to 05 Feb '18, 5pm

    Originally I've shared this digest to Syndicode blog . From now on I will collect the most popular and promising GitHub RoR repositories and share this list with you. Don’t miss the first edition of the new Syndicode’s digest about weekly trending Ruby on Rails repositories! The list ...

  • My First Ruby on Rails Presenter

    dev.to 21 Nov '17, 2pm

    After finishing the always helpful Ruby on Rails Tutorial , I looked to learn topics it didn't cover. I'd actually touched on one before in my job - the Presenter pattern! Creating and designing my first presenter was a surprising challenge, so I wanted to share my process here for ot...

  • Newbies Introduction to Ruby on Rails

    dev.to 25 Nov '17, 1pm

    Originally posted on my personal blog http://haidrali.com/newbies-introduction-to-ruby-on-rails Note: This tutorial is intended to newbies only who want to kick-start web development with Ruby on Rails. I will just share links to different resources and give tips based on my experienc...

  • Why should I not choose Ruby on Rails

    dev.to 10 Sep '17, 6pm

    RoR is great to get started. It allows you to make great progress quickly, and get a service up and running in no time. It can save you a ton of time and money. However, since you are asking "why not," here are a few major pains: Rails is upgraded with little regards for backward comp...

  • Saying "Hello world" with Ruby on Rails

    Saying "Hello world" with Ruby on Rails

    dev.to 22 Nov '17, 2am

    Every request to the application is served by methods (called actions ) which are defined in special files called controllers . These actions execute what has to be executed and define what the response will be (for example an html page, a JSON object etc). The responses (e.x. a page)...

  • Top 20 Ruby on Rails web applications

    dev.to 13 Sep '17, 10pm

    This is the analog of the story 10 famous Ruby on Rails web applications I published in Syndicode blog. Working in the agency which is proficient in Ruby on Rails web and mobile applications development, I decided to share some information about RoR applications. While web apps contin...

  • The 3 Tenets of Service Objects in Ruby on Rails { author: @rob__race

    The 3 Tenets of Service Objects in Ruby on Rails

    dev.to 30 Jun '17, 8am

    Now let's take the second two outcomes of a Service Object failure and exceptions. At first glance, it seems simple. Just make the results of either outcome as falsey and force some sort of error/failure browser response. However, that may not deliver full intent or context to the end...

  • How to use React.js with Ruby on Rails 5

    How to use React.js with Ruby on Rails 5

    dev.to 24 Jul '17, 3pm

    This is another very popular gem for integrating React in Rails. The key difference with react-rails is that it uses EcmaScript 6 (ES6) by default and state-of-the-art JavaScript tooling, including Webpack, instead of relying completely on the Rails asset pipepline. It also doesn't de...