19 Apr '17, 5pm

そしてFunan DigitalLife Mallが昨夏閉店したことを知る。PCショップやメイド喫茶は何処へ・・・。建物は建て替えで2019年オープン予定らしい。 https://t.co/1FIRiYlGdQ

Say hello to the new Funan – Singapore’s new creative intersection where Live, Work and play converge. Coming up in 4Q 2019, Funan will be a lifestyle destination that enables shoppers to enjoy a myriad of experiences in line with their interests. Its offerings will be organised around “passion clusters” – “tech”, “fit” and taste”. Some of the features that shoppers can look forward to are: the first drive-through click-and-collect and hands-free shopping service in the CBD, a 4,000 sq ft urban farm where plots can be adopted to grow their own produce, end-of-trip cycling facilities and also areas to play a game of street basketball and futsal.

Full article: http://www.funan.com.sg/_static/fn/index.html


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