13 Sep '13, 3pm

iCheer 10400 mAh Power Bank with 3-in-1 Adaptor, Includes SMS Mail at $38 (Worth $111). 2...


  1. 18 Oct '16, 8am

    Today, smart phones, PDAs, cameras, etc. can be said that all the necessary digital products, but these are generally not difficult to find the digital product itself is not high capacity, to meet the digital up to people's needs is difficult, the more battery life increasingly short, we need a high-quality power bank, can be a good solution to these problems. For demand, it should be a kind of mobile power need it? Usually they want to move large power capacity, but compact and easy to carry. Simple design and unique personality. Most importantly, the use of safe, all the above are satisfied, is having a very good price.

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