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  • Over-The-Door Hoop Laundry Bag

    Over-The-Door Hoop Laundry Bag

    juztoday.com 24 Jun '16, 12am

    As a parent, we all know how tiring and bothersome it is to pick up after our child. And after a long day at work, or at home doing housechores, the last thing we need is a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. But before you go on another long scolding session, that usually amounts to ...

  • CHANEL Elegant 2-Piece Storage Pouch

    CHANEL Elegant 2-Piece Storage Pouch

    juztoday.com 24 Jun '16, 12am

    Enclosed with a classy gold zipper and embossed with a black and gold plated logo on the surface, this pouch adds a subtle sense of elegance to your everyday outfit and look. Comes in a pair of 2 sizes that caters to your storage needs. Authentic and brand new gift that comes with the...

  • 4-In-1 Facial, Massage, Neck & Eye Treatment Combo

    4-In-1 Facial, Massage, Neck & Eye Treatment Combo

    juztoday.com 24 Jun '16, 12am

    Sparkling Eye Treatment essentially provides a facelift without surgery, but such treatment is highly helpful in the reduction of dark circles under the eyes. The skin is warmed softy with a blast of radio frequency waves. This helps the collagen rise to the top of the skin, strengthe...

  • 6-Piece Magnetic Spice Rack

    juztoday.com 23 Jun '16, 12am

    Therefore, this means that you need the 6-Piece Magnetic Spice Rack in your life right now! It allows you to organise your spices to ensure a smooth cooking process. Another two best features of this spice rack is that one, its cover has two opening sizes to control distribution of sp...

  • CALVIN KLEIN Document Bag

    CALVIN KLEIN Document Bag

    juztoday.com 23 Jun '16, 12am

    Everlasting minimalist designs that are chic and practical never fails. Calvin Klein captures that essence perfectly in the form of this shoulder canvas bag! Embossed beautifully with the logo's name on a PU leather surface, this bag is unique as it is a combination of various materials.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones

    Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones

    juztoday.com 23 Jun '16, 12am

    And this Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Sports Edition Stereo Headphones is the best headphone that one can get. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone or MP3 player during strenuous workouts so that you will have music following you every step of the way. Additionally, it can last up to 1...

  • Spain Non-Ammonia Erayba Hair Colouring

    juztoday.com 23 Jun '16, 12am

    Managing Director Jonal Chong, a hair maestro and celebrity, has 3 decades of extensive experience in the hairdressing industry Spain Non-Ammonia Erayba Hair Colouring / Highlights + Creative Haircut Conveniently located at Orchard Concorde Hotel 3 Options Available: - $28 for Spain N...

  • Mosaic Tile Wall Sticker Set

    Mosaic Tile Wall Sticker Set

    juztoday.com 22 Jun '16, 12am

    With this wall sticker set, you can have the pinterest-worthy space in your house or office. The elegant designs available ensure that you are spoilt for choices. Moreover, the wall sticker uses 3D gel and hence it will create a real tile effect - giving you as real an effect without ...


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