24 May '17, 12am

BEAUTIFUL Cold Lights Teeth Whitening

2. Rub your teeth with the Teeth Wipes to dry out the moisture on our teeth (paper towel can be used to replace teeth wipes when finished) 3. Applying a thin layer of whitening gel (bout 1mm) on the both sides of dental tray. For those irregular teeth, you can direct apply gel on the teeth. Be careful to avoid applying on gums and lips. 4. Put the dental tray into mouth and connect the cable to your handphone to activate the lights. Lie down and enjoy a 30 minute treatment of teeth whitening 5. Upon completion, take off the dental tray and wash it for next time use. Brush teeth again. Rinse your mouth with warm water 6. After the treatment, try not to eat food or drinks that contain colouring in a short period of time. Use it daily before sleep.

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