08 May '17, 12am

Korean Beauty Doll Eyelash Perming

If you want to look more energetic and beautiful without needing cosmetic surgery or tons of makeup, then an eyelash perming is your solution. This beauty treatment gives your straight eyelashes an upward curl, so that your eyes look more animatic. Thus, through this deal, you'll get fuller, longer-looking lashes to create a pair of bigger, brighter and ultra feminine eyes. This is a semi-permanent treatment that will remain in place for up to six weeks! Therefore, you'll look naturally gorgeous without needing to spend time every morning doing eyelash curlers. Generally, this is also the to-go option for women before going on a holiday or before a big day event like wedding, parties. Now, you too can choose this smarter option to be beautiful!

Full article: https://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4864&c=twitter


A look at the new collaboration of @JudithLeiber X @Papyrus_Online cards.

A look at the new collaboration of @JudithLeibe...

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Looking for cheongsams? Look this way

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