15 Apr '17, 12am

Full Body Massage with Back Guasha & Cupping

" Knot away your stress and body pains with a relaxing full body massage, combined with either guasha, infrared, and cupping. Pamper your senses today with the professional healing methods with this treatment! " Treatment Includes: - 60mins Full Body Massage - 10mins Back Guasha / Back Infrared / Back Cupping Enjoy a relaxing session of 70mins full body massage! This treatment also comes with the option of back guasha, infrared, or cupping. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides healing qualities that are natural and holistic for your body, no chemicals and non-invasive, safe and rejuvenating! Back muscle aches are caused by stress, lack of rest, and ultimate bad ergonomical postures. With a full body massage and extra treatment, the aches will be gone with wellness knotting methods by the professionally trained therapists at BeBeautiful. Get a beneficial session of p...

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Aromatic Body Massage @ Raffles

juztoday.com 21 Apr '17, 12am

Conveniently located at Cecil Street, Raffles Duration: 75Mins Session Includes: - 60mins Avante Aromatic Body Massage - 1...

Total Body Floor Workout

Total Body Floor Workout

pbfingers.com 12 Apr '17, 10am

on the blog and have found myself coming back to that workout when I’m looking for a workout that will work my whole body ...

3-in-1 Lymphatic Drainage Massage @ Orchard

juztoday.com 11 Apr '17, 12am

" Relax and unwind with a traditional session of lymphatic drainage, moxibustion and gua sha! This is the perfect combinat...