10 Mar '17, 12am

RHR Whitening Moist Cleansing Scrubbing Cream

" Do you want to get rid of your dull looking skin? Well, this is your solution for a brighter and radiant skin. The RHR Whitening Moist Cleansing Scrubbing Cream will do all that for you and more! " Research has shown that a skincare concern that affects many of us is our dark skin tone. Considering how Singapore is sunny all year round, it's natural that our exposure to the sun will darken our skin a shade or two. Therefore, if you're looking into tackling this problem, you should totally consider this product. This is a highly effective whitening cream -- one that is well-loved by celebrities and women alike. It is made of deep sea salt essence to gently cleanse and brighten your skin. Moreover, it combines the effects of body wash, body lotion and perfume to give your skin the sensation of bathing in the deep sea. Directions: - Take proper amount of this cream, after a...

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