18 Jan '17, 12am

Thermoskin FXT Socks

Combining superior support with enhanced comfort for pain management, FXT Compression Socks is the first step to treating your feet right. This pair of socks is unlike the ordinary, because it helps you with common problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and arch pain. When you have this enveloping your feet, you will feel as if you're walking on air - yes, it is that comfortable!

Full article: https://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4742&c=twitter


Happy Socks Acquired for $81.2 Million USD

Happy Socks Acquired for $81.2 Million USD

hypebeast.com 17 Jan '17, 5pm

Originally established back in 2008, Sweden’s Happy Socks has grown to include over 10,000 points of sale across over 90 c...

Foot Angel Socks

juztoday.com 15 Jan '17, 12am

Do you suffer from aching heels and feet? Problems such as plantar fascitis, heel spurs, and achy feet can make it impossi...

Socks by Bob

Socks by Bob

hackaday.com 11 Jan '17, 4pm

No, this article is not about SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 or Proxies. It’s about real socks, the ones that go onto your feet. Meet [B...