17 Aug '16, 12am

$9.90 Jamu Massage @ Clementi

$9.90 Jamu Massage @ Clementi

" Need a time out for some relaxation? Get your fix today with this Jamu massage therapy, best for slimming and unwinding stress! Experience a traditional approach to wellness and beauty! " Relax and unwind today with a traditional session of Jamu! Originally from Indonesian royalties, it is later made famous for post natal treatment, and especially great for women's general health. Trim off flabby stomach for that perfect hourglass shape today! Look effortlessly gorgeous at all times. Not only does it have slimming properties, it also detoxes impurities to ensure a healthy balance within your body. Complete the session with machine therapy, and a refreshing mask for smooth and silky skin! Let the professional therapists at Beautiful Life Beauty pamper you, book a session today!

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