27 Apr '16, 12am

Magnetic Mosquito Screen Net

Magnetic Mosquito Screen Net

This is where mosquito net steps in: a mosquito net offers you protection from those detestable rodent. And this innovative Magnetic Mosquito Screen Net is just what you need. It acts as the first barrier to keep these pest away. With this, you can transform your home into a safe haven for your loved ones!

Full article: http://www.juztoday.com/deal.php?id=4165&c=twitter


Magnetic Mesh Bins

Magnetic Mesh Bins

juztoday.com 26 Apr '16, 12am

Convenient and handy are two words to describe this product. The Magnetic Mesh Bins allows you to place it on any magnetic...

Printing Magnetic Fields

hackaday.com 25 Apr '16, 5pm

We told you about these “printable” magnets a while back . When you have the ability to squeeze many smaller magnets into ...

How to Find Compromise on Net Metering

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Last week, six New York utilities and three leading solar companies announced a landmark joint proposal on the future of n...

US Senate scraps retroactive net metering protection provision

US Senate scraps retroactive net metering prote...

pv-tech.org 26 Apr '16, 9am

A new provision under the Energy Modernisation Act now requires the DOE to ensure owners of DERs are properly compensated....



netimpact.org 25 Apr '16, 4pm

Happy #EarthDay2016, everyone! Hopefully you’re out there coming up with ways that you personally will fight climate chang...