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My Happy Feet Foot Alignment Socks

My Happy Feet Foot Alignment Socks

2) After a few days of wearing your Foot Alignment Socks, slide the dividers 1/2 way down between your toes. (Wear for approx. 1 to 2 hours per day) 3) Within a couple of weeks you should be able to slide the toe dividers all the way down between toes providing maximum benefit and comfort to your feet. (You could now wear the socks overnight while sleeping)

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Best winter boots for problem feet.

barkingdogshoes.com 28 Sep '15, 3am

I am 74 this month but I still dress like I’m in my 40’s or 50’s. I also have R.A. But I’m one of those that medicines hav...

Got foot pain? Your shoes might know why:

runnersworld.com 28 Sep '15, 10pm

Over the past few years, I’ve fielded an unyielding amount of questions about calf and Achilles pain, many of which ultima...

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Happy National Handbag Day!

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What your feet say about your health

What your feet say about your health

mnn.com 19 Sep '15, 11pm

Many people don’t visit a podiatrist unless they have a foot problem, but did you know that your primary care doctor shoul...