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64% off Professional Female Brazilian Waxing at EO Beauty Work Only $25 instead of $70 Using soft azulene wax and film wax from Europe, Spain and Australia Benefits: Stay hair-free for long periods at affordable prices Achieve thinner hair re-growth with every waxing Savor the experience of silky smooth, touchable bare skin Conveniently located @ Somerset, Orchard Plaza Premium Spain’s Papaya whitening mask cum serum used for maximum comfort Performed by highly trained therapist who have 15 years of experience Stringent hygiene standards, no double dipping

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$20 Brazilian Wax at D'bio Clinic, Bishan (worth$128). Use of premium hard wax ensures a quick and painless procedure

$20 Brazilian Wax at D'bio Clinic, Bishan (wort...

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Being smooth and hair free down under has been a standard for lots of people for a long time. If you too have been eyeing ...