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I just had one of the best holiday of my life with the loved ones in Bali. There are so much I want to show you guys, but I am too busy working. Now I finally have ...

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  • Benefit Posie Tinted Lip Balm

    Benefit Posie Tinted Lip Balm

    But ever since I found out about Benefit Posie Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm I immediately fell in love with it. I’ve been using it everyday, this awesome lip balm is all about a “sheer kiss” of color and lots of hydration. It feels really good on the lips – really creamy, smooth, comfort...

  • Go Nude With The new Triumph’s Body Makeup Collection |

    Go Nude With The new Triumph’s Body Makeup Collection |

    Well worried no more! The new Triumph’s Body Makeup Collection is here to save your day. If you remember last year I did blog about this collection, but the material is much thicker and the color is limited (LINK ). The new improved Triumph’s Body Makeup collection gets closer to wome...

  • Ootd!


    For those of you who love prints, you gonna love topshop’s new range ESCAPOLOGY T-Shirts. It’s very Givenchy inspired! I fall in love when I 1st laid my on on this top. Definitely a must have item in ya wardrobe. There’s floral and plant print galore and easy to wear pieces for everyd...

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  • Blog updated!

    They’re Real! Push-Up Liner |

    1 month ago I was invited to Benefit public relation event, where we can really get our hands on this awesome product and also get to know more about it. I love what the Benefit team organised for us and it was one of the best event I’ve ever attended. They took care of us so well and...

  • Ootd!

    Crop Top Meets High Waisted Jeans

    The Crop top is back!!! I love the color and the print reminds me of picnics on a gorgeous summer’s day. I personally think a crop top is best paired with high waist shorts or jeans. They minimise the amount of flashed flesh whilst enabling you to stay on trend. I’ve always find high ...

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  • New article on the blog

    Walking Garden

    Floral prints are one of my weakness. Especially when the fabric of the item is silky or flowy, somehow it makes me look elegant in it. But I have major problem, well; it’s not really a big problem for me, but it is for my boyfriend, since he likes to see me wearing tight things. Almo...

  • Bangkok: Day 2

    Our next destination is definitely Siam Center. It’s located right opposite of Siam Paragon. Siam Center is definitely worth a visit for anyone who’s crazy about art, fashion and food. You won’t regret this! Siam Center is a shopping mall bursting with arts exhibition. If you think Pu...

  • New on the blog!

    Think Green, Think Sloggi

    Everyone knows I’m not a sport person. I’m not kidding! I hate working out and I have to admit I have my ups and downs with the exercise habit. Ever wonder why people have trouble making exercise a regular habit? Well, there are probably a number of factors, but here’s one of my main ...


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