February 5th, 2014 by tziaaa. for this post, it's all collage photos. because, i am always too busy to blog (due to the amount of photos i need to post up), but I ...

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  • "You just wouldn’t want to stay any longer looking at the long queue outside." #NNReads

    Sunday // Tous Les Jours // Naught Babe Dirty Duck

    tziaaa.com 13 Oct '14, 12pm

    I begin to think, how would I react if I were really to die tomorrow, would I still hold grudges and getting all upset on things that I now think it’s important? I was surprised that, a lot of things became so insignificant instantly when I start to think like that. Undeniably, it is ...

  • "I always believe hair plays an important role in people’s overall appearance." #NNReads

    Beauty Cafe by Panasonic Beauty Malaysia ❤

    tziaaa.com 29 Sep '14, 3am

    I always believe hair plays an important role in people’s overall appearance. Oh yes, I am surely moody if I am having a bad hair day. That’s how much my hairstyle would affect me, and reason why I can never live without my dryer and styler.

  • my new work life & birthday celebration with 'em. // blog updated

    Birthday @ La Boco ❤

    tziaaa.com 15 Jul '14, 2pm

    I was a little worried before I started working in this company, as I am one who can’t take office dramas ; my mom too was worried if I could ground myself in this whole new working environment. (╯•﹏•╰) I was constantly praying that all will be good, and God heard my prayers. I am ble...

  • Blogged, Bali Day 2 Paty 1, introduced our friendly tour guide, Komang Astrawan! Read more at

    Bali Day 2 (1)

    tziaaa.com 28 Jun '14, 1pm

    By 9am sharp, our friendly tour guide, Komang , came to pick us up. If you ever thought of visiting Bali, I would strongly recommend Komang, mention my name & you will get a good deal.

    1. BALI DAY 1 ❤ tziaaa.com 27 Jun '14, 2am
  • first post on #BALI is up. Flight delayed :: Harper Hotel, Kuta #blogupdated at

    BALI DAY 1 ❤

    tziaaa.com 27 Jun '14, 2am

    Our stay for the next three night, Harper Hotel, Kuta. ❤ Location is great, it’s located right in the heart of Legian-Kuta Bali, which is well known for their nightlife entertainment, famous cafes and restaurants. Kuta Beach is also in walking distance. Nonetheless, it’s only 15mins a...

    1. Bali Day 2 (1) tziaaa.com 28 Jun '14, 1pm
  • Last part of #bangkok trip updated

    Bangkok 3 (last)

    tziaaa.com 14 Apr '14, 6am

    A visit to Thailand isn’t complete without a trip to a floating market “. & now, i conclude that my bangkok trip is completed. Head back to the hotel after that, the last bus is on 11pm, we departed on 10pm from amphawa, & it took us about

  • Beauty filled with gorgeous glam:

    Beauty filled with gorgeous glam

    tziaaa.com 20 Jul '14, 3pm

    Quickly, I rushed to the washroom. I actually brought my own make up pouch along because I’ve kind of expected this to happen to me, again. When I was trying real hard to fix my make up, I bumped into Celeste ( Me clinic’s manager) in the washroom, she was pissed when she saw how badl...

  • 2nd post of the day. #blogupdated #adv


    tziaaa.com 28 Aug '13, 10am

    article. knowledge on plaintive Friend from Singapore on 单身情人节 Junfui on 初一初二 ❤ Jajalee on kampar choonhong on graduation & flowers ♥ ys on Last day Nicholas on IF you think you are FAT Jean on IF you think you are FAT