A few updates: 1. I'm making a more concerted effort to blog more again for several reasons. Firstly, it doesn't actually take thaaat much time ...

Link: sweatlee.com

  • Q: How was life in college like?

    sweatlee.com 02 Jul '16, 3pm

    OMFGOD I CANT BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTION?!?!? What on earthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . *hyperventilates* *screams* *pulls blankets on my head and rolls around, whilst stampeding my feet on the bed spread* In the end though I’m so glad you’re honest with your experie...

  • sweatlee.com » Blog Archive

    sweatlee.com » Blog Archive

    sweatlee.com 22 Jun '13, 1pm

    Sometimes I feel kids like you exist to make my life a living hell, but I know the truth is you have made me a stronger teacher and person. I remember when I first met you last year, with your big smile and eager eyes and you calling out for help every 5 seconds. And that moment when ...

  • May you marry me?

    sweatlee.com 12 Jun '13, 12pm

    Today, this boy who is really cheeky but has never really spoken English in class came to me at the end of class, having mustered all the courage his small 14 yr old body can contain. “Teacher I ask two questions. Can I help carry the box and may you marry me?” Sigh even after 2 years...

  • thanks for writing this piece @sweatlee its a reminder all the effort we puts in, r somehow, worth it, worth the fight

    Just another day

    sweatlee.com 29 Jan '13, 1pm

    Last year, I used to come back to this village the day before school since it takes 2 hours to drive here and driving 140km of rural roads can be really tiring. But I used to dread coming back so much that I started coming back in the morning instead. WHICH MEANS! I wake up at 5 am ev...

  • Happy Teacher’s Day!

    Happy Teacher’s Day!

    sweatlee.com 16 May '13, 12pm

    Today is a good day to blog because it’s Teacher’s Day! WOOT! This marks my second teacher’s day and I couldn’t have been happier doing what I’m doing now Thing are going fine in school, not absolutely great but I’m doing slightly better than just surviving. I was marking my students ...

    1. Happy Mother's Day chuckei.com 13 May '13, 9am
  • You can go to London, Paris or Rome

    You can go to London, Paris or Rome

    sweatlee.com 23 Apr '13, 2pm

    You know I have this really weak and challenging class and I dread it so much whenever I have them the next day. What I did not realize is that this class, this awful gut-wrenching bloody-tears-inducing class is the main reason why I work so much harder each day. For my other classes,...

  • Thank You Teacher promo video

    sweatlee.com 07 Dec '13, 9am

    I was very very fortunate to be approached by NTV7 a few months ago to do a documentary on a teacher’s life. The producer for the show interviewed me early last year for Malaysia Hari Ini and thought it’ll be nice to do a longer feature! Honestly I’ve been super stressed up about this...

  • A brand new start

    sweatlee.com 06 Dec '13, 9am

    So as you can see, my blog is under a huge spam attack! Every post has HUNDREDS of comments now, mostly spam. There are posts with THOUSANDS of comments!! Wah such a popular blogger huh now. People who are here for the first time would think I’m a super big shot. Talk about teaching a...

    1. New In ohsofickle.blogspot.com 10 Dec '13, 5pm
    2. NEW IN ohsofickle.blogspot.com 19 Dec '13, 1am


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