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  • Proactiv Three Step - Treat and Fight Blemishes | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 02 May '17, 12pm

    I often scroll through my Instagram feed and find myself muttering to myself, if only my skin was that flawless. I, just like everyone else have insecurities and for me, my skin is one of those. Over the years I’ve gone from combination skin to sensitive skin and due to my bad diet, l...

  • My January WANT LIST!

    January 2017 Want List | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 17 Jan '17, 4pm

    It seems like forever since I've last posted a 'want' list. I love doing these little posts because it gives me motivation and reminds me what my next purchase should be. Here are 7 things I REALLY want right now. It doesn't help that four of these items have been out of stock since w...

  • Get Ready With Me - Bedtime Edition AD | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 27 Jan '17, 6pm

    My favourite part of my day, getting ready for bed. I used to do a lot before bed (an hour routine) but these days, I just don't have the time. My bedtime routine usually starts around 9pm and by 9:30pm I am sat on the sofa - reflecting and taking in the peace and quiet. Here's the lo...

  • Bargain Marble Shoes | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 06 Jan '17, 1pm

    Oh January Sales... how you spoil me. Last week I had a spare 30 minutes to ponder around the shops. Walking past River Island, a shop I don't often take notice of - I saw these babies on the sale rack, by the door, staring straight at me. Upon trying them on, I knew straight away I h...

  • S T Y L E S U Z I : My Sparkling Wish - Create your Own Luck

    stylesuzi.com 02 Dec '15, 2pm

    has brought out a sentimental collection. Designed with Miranda Kerr, the collection is empowering and inspiring. I am so excited about this collection as Miranda Kerr is my ultimate girl crush and anything to do with positivity is a big tick in my books. The collection is made up of ...

  • NET-A-PORTER Wishlist. Not that I don't want the entire website but ya know, there's a few at the top of the list.

    NET-A-PORTER Want List | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 14 Feb '16, 1pm

    New lifestyle, new want-list? I agree too. A mini bag for a busy 'I need to be hands-free' mum? New candles for a new aura? New make-up because you know... thats what I do and new shoes for er, a new outfit? Justified.


    Tech Wish List | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 02 Feb '16, 5pm

    I am a girly girl through and through, however I do love looking and lusting over technology. Although the days of wishing for a overboard are behind me, I still have a wish list as long as my arm and here are some of the items sitting at the top of the list.

  • Want to be a blogger? Here are my pros and cons.

    The Pros and Cons of Being A Blogger | S T Y L E S U Z I

    stylesuzi.com 26 Jan '16, 11am

    It was 2011 when I switched to being a full-time blogger. I went in with a open-mind and 5 years later, I'm still doing it. Throughout the years, I noticed there are many great things about blogging, yet there are also the bad. Here are my 10 pros and cons about being a full-time blog...


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