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January 9th, 2014 by sixpegs. I am usually not a very gadget person but when it comes to any new technology or gadgets that can help make my blogging work ...

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  • Mad

    Mad | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 10 Sep '16, 10pm

    There are times when I feel like I want to pour my hearts out into words, but I can hardly do so. Sometimes, thoughts go by so fast, I didn’t have enough time to translate them into words. I can’t quite find the right words. I keep it all in my head. The writer’s block is so real, and...

  • Dr. Bags

    Dr. Bags | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 18 Jun '16, 7am

    This is the Céline Trapeze Bag which I have recently swopped. The “fillings” (Sorry, I’m in the food industry and I cannot find a better word to describe this lol) in the bag’s handle has shifted and one part of the handle is now limp and flat. I think this is one of the biggest issue...

    1. Another | S I X P E G S sixpegs.com 24 Jun '16, 3pm
  • I Started A Joke

    I Started A Joke | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 07 Aug '16, 1pm

    Two weeks ago, my first thought was to sneak away to Eastern Europe to spend my birthday with complete strangers from, I don’t know, a hostel? Dubrovnik in Croatia, Budapest in Hungary, Lviv in Ukraine, Moscow in Russia – I had sussed out what are the kind of people, food and sights t...

  • My Love For Cheryl W | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 02 Jun '16, 6pm

    Cheryl W, founded by Cheryl Wee, stands for Wellness & Weight Management for the young modern independent women. It aims to promote positive wellness & weight management lifestyle. Through this brand, Cheryl Wee shares her years of personal experience battling with weight management p...

  • Stage 4, going on 5.

    Stage 4, going on 5. | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 20 Jul '16, 8pm

    3:30am, lying in my own bed, still feeling a little intoxicated from the couple of glasses of red wine and good company I had a couple of hours ago. Last time I checked, I was still feeling all perked up and chirpy, but it almost always changes for the worse in the wee hours when I’m ...

    1. Issei Sagawa. peggychang.wordpress.com 20 Jul '16, 1pm
  • Another

    Another | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 24 Jun '16, 3pm

    With both hands empty and her heart full, the girl made a promise: to love and comfort me – and at times, visit me in the abyss, to honor and keep me – though, in ways I may not comprehend, in sickness and in health, but not in times my ego swells, for richer and for poorer; on the cr...

    1. Dr. Bags | S I X P E G S sixpegs.com 18 Jun '16, 7am
  • Ageless Beauty | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 09 Jun '16, 6am

    It was really weird travelling back in time. In diaries, there were no self-censorship. And for a while, I forgot that it is already 2016. And I could really relive every moment I described so vividly in those books. How I was afraid to go out alone with a boy when I was in secondary ...

  • Loneliness x Solitude

    Loneliness x Solitude | S I X P E G S

    sixpegs.com 05 Jun '16, 5pm

    Loneliness is a painful, negative state. It is where we feel alone, and cut off and estranged from other people. Thus, we may feel as if we are excluded, unwanted, unimportant or unnoticed. We can be surrounded by people we know and love and still experience feelings of intense loneli...


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