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  • New Blog Post: Girls day out brunch at Underground Société -

    Girls day out brunch at Underground Société

    shannonchow.com 21 Dec '14, 8am

    A must try at Underground Société is their signature dessert is the Underground Grenade (RM26), as it was our first meal of the day we didn’t order but would certainly return to try it out. Other speciality include the Black and White Coffee as well as the Coffee Cocktail.

  • New Blog Post: LumiAir - A Cirque Extraordinaire @ Sunway Lagoon

    LumiAir - A Cirque Extraordinaire @ Sunway Lagoon

    shannonchow.com 07 Dec '14, 1pm

    LumiAir – A Cirque Extraordinaire is produced by Susan Porett, who has 20 years of experience in all forms of live shows and theatre entertainment.Choreographing the entire production is current World Aerobics champion Anthony Ikin, whose extensive experience ranges from being the sol...

  • New Blog Post: Lush Cosmetics @ Singapore

    Lush Cosmetics @ Singapore

    shannonchow.com 10 Dec '14, 12pm

    I’ve heard good reviews on Lush and since I’m around Singapore, this is my chance to grab Lush products. Natural face masks I bought the body scrub, RUB RUB RUB and CATASTROPHE COSMETIC face mask. Love the body scrub, it’s refreshing and softens your skin. After using, skin feels supe...

  • New Blog Post: IKEA BookBook

    IKEA BookBook

    shannonchow.com 06 Sep '14, 5am

    Experience the amazing IKEA BookBook, it’s not any ordinary book. IKEA BookBook Arrived on my doorstep a day ago, it was certainly a sweet treat as media and marketers were raving about the latest IKEA campaign where they imitate Apple’s product demo and packaging.

  • SAVE THE DATE: H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing 2014

    shannonchow.com 11 Nov '14, 2am

    The epic finale of the H-artistry party will also feature Malaysia’s very own pop band Paperplane Pursuit, and the trio from Imma*Bleep*YouUp, enlivening every party with their very own brand of fist pumping house beats. Revellers will also be the first to witness the live renditions ...

  • New Blog Post: Take a Selfie with Kiss Me

    Take a Selfie with Kiss Me

    shannonchow.com 22 Oct '14, 3pm

    After taking the selfie, if you make a purchase on any Kiss Me products, write down your details (name, NRIC, contact details and email address) at the back of the receipt and return to Kiss Me Beauty Advisor. You will be entitled to enter weekly lucky draw to win Kiss Me products wor...

  • New Blog Post: Tokyo Disneyland (Halloween Themed)

    Tokyo Disneyland with Halloween Deco 2014

    shannonchow.com 21 Sep '14, 2am

    Just before I turned 24, a childhood wish came true to – I visited Disneyland. Although I had the chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland in July, many of my friends persuade me to wait for Tokyo Disneyland as it’s much bigger than Hong Kong. Indeed it was plus, the atmosphere in Tokyo D...

  • New Blog Post: Work, play and the in between with Blackberry Z30

    Work, play and the in between with Blackberry Z30

    shannonchow.com 09 Jun '14, 3pm

    Blackberry made a come back with the Z30 a phone that combines work and play. I was once a loyal BB user and loving every inch of the BBM, as time goes by I’ve jump over to other ships. Getting a Blackberry Z30 in hand now, it did impress me. 3 things to love about the Z30 Size does m...