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  • New Blog Post: Burt's Bees All Natural Lip Shine and Lip Gloss

    Burt's Bees All Natural Lip Shine and Lip Gloss

    shannonchow.com 06 Jul '14, 3pm

    Burt’s Bees all natural lip shine and lip gloss became my essential beauty item. I’m picky about lip gloss, because I tend to bite my lips (well it’s a bad habit). So I rarely apply any lip product, except for lip moisturisers or lip balm that’s natural such as Burt’s Bees. When I hea...

  • New Blog Post: Work, play and the in between with Blackberry Z30

    Work, play and the in between with Blackberry Z30

    shannonchow.com 09 Jun '14, 3pm

    Blackberry made a come back with the Z30 a phone that combines work and play. I was once a loyal BB user and loving every inch of the BBM, as time goes by I’ve jump over to other ships. Getting a Blackberry Z30 in hand now, it did impress me. 3 things to love about the Z30 Size does m...

  • New Blog Post: Aroma Facial treatment at Vimosa

    Aroma Facial treatment at Vimosa Beaute Chambres [Review]

    shannonchow.com 22 Jun '14, 1pm

    Aroma Facial uses the power of pure essential oils and plants extract to restore and recondition your skin. Together with specially designed massage technique, helps to smoothen skin complexion and regain skin luminosity. With the powerful ingredients of double mask, this treatment he...

  • New Blog Post: Jam and Kaya Cafe @ Petaling Jaya - #cafehoppingkl

    Jam and Kaya Cafe @ Petaling Jaya

    shannonchow.com 22 Jun '14, 7am

    It’s not everyday you find a cafe located inside a sports club. Jam and Kaya (yeap, that’s the name of the cafe) is located hidden inside PJ Palms Sports Center, same row as A&W. Getting to the cafe requires one to pass by the swimming pool with children running around on wet ground. ...

  • New Blog Post: All you need to know about @festivalbelia2014 this weekend - #FBP2014

    All you need to know about Festival Belia Putrajaya 2014

    shannonchow.com 18 May '14, 3pm

    This year, Festival Belia Putrajaya 2014 with it’s theme “Dari Belia, Untuk Belia ” aims to showcase the collective talent of the youths, and spark inspiration and limitless creativity through various workshops, activities, and events. The Festival will serve as a springboard to inspi...

  • Blog Post: @ACutAboveGroup 35 years - #reshare

    35 years of A Cut Above at STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2014

    shannonchow.com 15 Jun '14, 9am

    Celebrating A Cut Above 35th Anniversary at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Grand Prix 2014 in Poppy Garden. It was also themed The Fashion World of Suzie Wong, legendary icon most of us were dressed back in the 30s with Cheong Sam. It was a great party to witness a wonderful 35 years of A ...

  • New Blog Post: Brewmen Cafe, Mont Kiara

    Brewmen Cafe, Mont Kiara

    shannonchow.com 14 May '14, 12am

    If the usual Cafe Latte, Flat While or Long black bores you, Brewmen is the place to visit. Apart from the usual espresso drinks, Brewmen have a few special caffeine drinks which would triggers your taste buds.

  • New Blog Post: 5 Hidden Cafes in Petaling Jaya

    5 Hidden Cafes in Petaling Jaya

    shannonchow.com 24 Jun '14, 3am

    Ever since Cafe Hopping became a trend, some places got crowded especially on weekends so here are a few hidden cafes in Petaling Jaya that I personally prefer. Some are quiet on both weekdays and weekends, plus since it’s hidden you’ll get to avoid the crowd and just chill over a cof...