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  • New Post: River Safari Singapore @tweetWRS

    River Safari Singapore - Asia's first river-themed wildlife park

    shannonchow.com 12 Apr '14, 11am

    , is Asia’s longest river and the world’s third longest. Yangtze is also known as Chang Jiang meaning Long River. Like the Mekong River, it gets its flow from the glaciers of the Tibetan plateau. At 6,300 kilometres long, it holds 40% of China’s freshwater resources and one-third of C...

  • New Post: The secret to Skin as white as Snow - KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion -

    The secret to Skin as white as Snow - KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion

    shannonchow.com 10 Apr '14, 2pm

    The KOSE Lotion Mask Mini Giveaway is open to all residences in Malaysia, including PR. Winners will be choosen based on the first 24 correct answers. Each winner will walk away with ONE(1) pack of KOSÉ Lotion Mask. Winners are required to verify NRIC/ID during prize collection. Parti...

  • New Post: Cerreo Qreen Make Up Brushes by Natte Cosme

    Cerreo Qreen Make Up Brushes by Natte Cosme

    shannonchow.com 02 Apr '14, 3pm

    Cerreo Qreen Make Up Brushes in Black which comes in 7-pcs. Majority of the brushes are pony’s hair and a few are made of goat’s hair, tiny fibers and sponge as it’s for different purposes hence the material are not pony’s hair. I enjoy the softness of these brushes, I’ve also used a ...

  • New Post: Rekindle Cafe at SS2

    Rekindle Coffee SS2

    shannonchow.com 05 Mar '14, 1pm

    As I started working, lately my cafe hopping revolves around the PJ area mostly. One of my most frequent, is Rekindle located in SS2, recommended by Yun Ji and did a cafe hopping with Eunice . It open till late and their single origin is my favourite.

  • New Post: Honeypot Wax Boutique at Bangsar Shopping Center

    Honeypot Waxing at Bangsar Shopping Center

    shannonchow.com 03 Mar '14, 4pm

    I made an appointment at Honeypot BSC, their staff were friendly and as I arrive, I was asked to take a sit and fill up a form while they made necessary preparation. I had to say, the entire bikini waxing experience was less painful than I expected. As this was my first Bikini Wax, I ...

  • A nice summary on #TSBreakaway experiences by @ShannonChowz

    #TSBreakaway Experiences

    shannonchow.com 17 Nov '13, 2pm

    After completing #TSBreakaway I can say it’s a pilot project by Tourism Selangor, similar to a bootcamp, which is specially created for bloggers/writers and photographers. I was rather impressed at Tourism Selangor for selecting the top 12 Xplorers, each Xplorer have a unique personal...

  • New Post: Unwrap Moments of Pure Captivation at Haagen-Dazs Christmas Party

    Unwrap Moments of Pure Captivation at Haagen-Dazs Christmas Party

    shannonchow.com 07 Dec '13, 11am

    December is a month of celebration with friends and family. During this joyous holiday season, Haagen-Dazs unwrap moments of pure captivation featuring it’s Christmas Creation. Last week, during the Haagen-Dazs Christmas Party at SohoKL, we were the first few who got to try out and I’...

  • New Post: Pick Up Lines over coffee @gopaktor app launch

    Pick Up Lines over coffee with Paktor Dating App

    shannonchow.com 04 Dec '13, 4pm

    Be nice and show that you are friendly by introducing yourself “Hi, My name is so and so, 26, from KL. Nice to meet you on Paktor app” then see how he/she replies. From most of the messages I received was, “Hi”, “Mind to intro?” these guys were rather rude and I find it no difference ...