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  • Kids Aerial Yoga Workshop @ Trium Fitness, Aperia Mall

    sakuraharuka.com 27 Jun '17, 1am

    This June holidays, unless most school holidays, we decided to stay put in Singapore and not go traveling. Well, unless you count that one time we took a day trip into Johor Bahru, Malaysia to bring Lil Pumpkin to Angry Birds Activity Park hehe.. With no more school rush, our days lig...

  • Bub & Me: Amazonia Indoor Playground @ Great World City

    sakuraharuka.com 23 Jun '17, 6am

    Bring your own socks. I suggest at least ankle-high and non-slip! If you forget your socks, you can purchase them on-site. Amazonia will list school excursion dates and number of school children visiting on their website. Check it in advance to plan your visit. Look out for special de...

  • Thailand 2017 | Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes

    Thailand 2017 | Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes

    sakuraharuka.com 20 Jun '17, 1am

    The major proteins in milk are casein and whey . These two milk proteins are both excellent sources of all the essential amino acids, but they differ in one important aspect—whey is a fast-digesting protein and casein is a slow-digesting protein. For the really, really serious and adv...

  • 20 How to Learn Chinese Language Tips | from parents for parents

    sakuraharuka.com 18 Jun '17, 5pm

    Have you ever encountered difficulties in teaching your young ones the Chinese language? Well, we certainly have with Lil Pumpkin! At the beginning, she wouldn't even answer you if you called her Chinese name :P Things have improved tremendously though since we started her with a Chin...

  • Sudio Sweden Wireless Headphones - Regent White

    Sudio Sweden Wireless Headphones - Regent White

    sakuraharuka.com 14 Jun '17, 2pm

    Recently, Lil Pumpkin has upgraded to "adult headphones" that's a lot more stylish and sleeker - the Sudio Sweden Earphones in Regent White . They definitely are a pair I would gladly use myself too.. ♥ Lil Pumpkin is always on-the-go with us. We don't have a helper so if she's not at...

  • Bub & Me: Bring Your Kids to Work Day! @ Mummy's Office!

    sakuraharuka.com 02 Jun '17, 1am

    On Wednesday Lil Pumpkin followed me to the office for the day. An unofficial "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" of sorts since my organisation doesn't have the culture of hosting such an event. However, thankfully I've an amazing boss who is a family man and values work-life balance, and ...

  • One-on-One Personal Training - The Beginning | Operation

    One-on-One Personal Training - The Beginning | Operation

    sakuraharuka.com 28 Apr '17, 1am

    Finishing up my current fitness programme this week ✌

  • A reminder that we are doing all right...

    We are doing all right...

    sakuraharuka.com 12 Apr '17, 2am

    In exactly 1 month's time, Lil Pumpkin will be turning 8 years old.. yes, our little bundle of joy if fast becoming a little tween!! #wheredidmybabygo I can't help but be a little emo about it, so forgive me if I suddenly look wistful or even start bawling if you happen to meet me in ...


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