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  • New 3M LED P1610 Polarizing Task Light for Better Health & Well-Being

    sakuraharuka.com 24 Feb '17, 3am

    for the past 3 years {her table has grown in size with her though! haha} and recently, we've been using the newly-released 3M P1610 Polarizing Task Light as well. Like the LED6000 Polarizing Light, it is also fitted with 3M’s Polarizing Filter Technology , which consists of a 3M propr...

  • Bub & Me: Safari Zoo Run 2017

    sakuraharuka.com 20 Feb '17, 7am

    Last Saturday we went for our first family run of the year at Safari Zoo Run 2017 ! We were up bright and early.. and praise God for the good weather! I still remember the torrential rain we experienced during Safari Zoo Run 2013 haha..thank goodness it was such a wonderful day for ou...

  • Fitness Diary :: Tia Toomey & Rob Forte, CrossFit Games Athletes in

    sakuraharuka.com 15 Feb '17, 2am

    fever is slowly building up among the CrossFit community as the annual international competition is set to start later this month!! For those new to CrossFit, the Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Anyone aged 14 or older ...

  • What's An Appropriate Slumber Party Age for Kids?

    sakuraharuka.com 09 Feb '17, 8am

    This morning during our car-ride to school, Lil Pumpkin asked, "Mummy, can I go to Nat's slumber party?". I was kind of taken aback as Lil Pumpkin is just 7 years old... do kids this young have slumber parties with friends already??? I mean, Lil Pumpkin has stayed overnight at her gra...

  • JUMPY Plus Kids Smartwatch {GIVEAWAY + PROMO}

    sakuraharuka.com 25 Jan '17, 12am

    Most primary schools, like Lil Pumpkin's, ban mobile phones in school... and I support this idea. Mobile phones can be addictive. Especially smart mobile phones where you can surf, chat, watch videos, take photos, play games etc. on them. Gone are the days of simply using the phone to...

  • Good Bye Genesis Gym | Operation 健康アップ https://t.co/AVcxaQfduO

    Good Bye Genesis Gym | Operation 健康アップ

    sakuraharuka.com 01 Feb '17, 2am

    One for the memories!! Managed to break PR for prowler push {is there such a thing??!} and pushed 130kg for 40m... yay!!! I was really glad to have done it before I left Genesis Gym on 31 Dec 2016. It's been exactly one month since I left... a sad decision for me to make but one which...

  • Outdoors Family Shoot at Gardens by the Bay {East}

    sakuraharuka.com 30 Dec '16, 12am

    So after much postponement and rescheduling, we FINALLY fixed a date with good weather to have our annual family photo-shoot with Alwyn! Woot woot!! I had almost given up on having one for 2016 but God is good and we arranged with Alwyn to meet up one Sunday at Gardens by the Bay East...

  • P2 Parenting: StickerKid Personalised Name Labels & Stickers

    sakuraharuka.com 18 Dec '16, 9am

    I can't believe a whole year just flew by and Lil Pumpkin successfully completed her first year of primary school!! She worked hard and played her and I'm truly proud of her. It seems like yesterday when we were just shopping for her new school uniforms or spying keeping watch on her ...


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