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New York Times best-selling author and popular blogger, Rachel has been featured in national broadcasts and publications including NPR, Slate, The BBC, The ...

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  • For the sake of the gospel, drop the persecution complex

    rachelheldevans.com 13 Mar '17, 9pm

    Reality Check #3: Facing disagreement is not the same as facing persecution. Conservative Christians are right about one thing: public opinion has shifted on same-sex marriage (particularly within the Church), and this means they are more likely to encounter pushback when they insist ...

  • See you in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and Greenwich, Connecticut…

    rachelheldevans.com 06 Mar '17, 4pm

    Although I’m working furiously to finish Book #4, I’ve made some time this month to head to the East Coast for events in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and Greenwich Connecticut. This weekend, March 10-11, I’ll be speaking (along with Tony Campolo) at Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Haddon...

  • God Needs Women

    rachelheldevans.com 11 Mar '17, 11pm

    Occasionally, in conversations about God and gender, someone will attempt to conclude the matter by noting that Jesus was a man, as though the incarnation proves something about the gender of God or the ultimate superiority of maleness over femaleness. I’ve never really known how to r...

  • On Race, the Benefit of the Doubt, and Complicity

    On Race, the Benefit of the Doubt, and Complicity

    rachelheldevans.com 18 Mar '17, 5pm

    “Like a nontechnical user trying to understand a technical problem, our racial illiteracy limits our ability to have meaningful conversations about race. Mainstream dictionary definitions reduce racism to racial prejudice and the personal actions that result. But this definition does ...

  • Ash

    rachelheldevans.com 02 Mar '17, 1pm

    Today’s post is an excerpt from Searching For Sunday: Loving, Leaving and Finding the Church : We are made of stardust, the scientists say—the iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones, and the chlorine in our skin forged in the furnaces of ancient stars whose explosions scattered t...

  • Calling Your Reps and Planting Onions: A Plan for Faithful Resistance

    rachelheldevans.com 01 Mar '17, 2pm

    “Planting onions” has come to signify for me the importance of remaining committed to those slow-growing, long-term investments in my family, my community, and the world, no matter what happens over the next four years. Right now it may seem like an afternoon of changing diapers and w...

  • Who’s Who Among Biblical Women Leaders

    rachelheldevans.com 15 Mar '17, 3pm

    When the Holy Spirit descended upon the first Christians at Pentecost, Peter drew from the words of the prophet Joel to describe what had happened, saying, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy...Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and th...

  • Are you being persecuted?

    rachelheldevans.com 13 Mar '17, 10pm

    Because this question comes up every holiday season, I thought I'd help everyone out with a handy chart. Thanks to Ryan Richardson for making it look good: See also: "Blessed Are the Entitled?" / "God Can't Be Kept Out" / "I Stood Up for Christmas. Have You?" ...Apparently, this bugs ...


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