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New York Times best-selling author and popular blogger, Rachel has been featured in national broadcasts and publications including NPR, Slate, The BBC, The ...

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    3 Things You Might Not Know About Proverbs 31

    rachelheldevans.com 23 Feb '17, 2am

    It never fails. Every year, on the Monday after Mother’s Day I receive a flood of messages from women who spent yesterday morning grimacing through yet another Proverbs 31 sermon. The pastors usually mean well. They want to honor women on Mother’s Day, so they turn to the biblical pas...

  • The False Gospel of Gender Binaries

    rachelheldevans.com 22 Feb '17, 5am

    Now, I’m not suggesting we abandon conversations about the Bible and sexual ethics, nor am I interested in promoting a “genderless society” (as some have bizarrely claimed, somehow supposing that acknowledging the existence of gray requires dismissing the existence of black and white)...

  • Women of the Passion, Part 1: The Woman at Bethany Anoints Jesus

    rachelheldevans.com 18 Feb '17, 7pm

    When referring to the earliest followers of Jesus, the Gospel writers often speak of two groups of disciples: the Twelve and the Women. The Twelve refer to the twelve Jewish men chosen by Jesus to be his closest companions and first apostles, symbolic of the twelve tribes of Israel. T...

  • Let's Talk about Abortion - With Gentleness and Civility

    rachelheldevans.com 12 Feb '17, 3pm

    However, I do so knowing that not everyone in this country agrees with me. Not everyone believes that life begins at conception, and so not everyone will see an abortion as a human rights violation. So the question then becomes, do we pursue legislation that would force the rest of th...

  • #YesAllWomen: I Will Not Be Silent Anymore by Teresa K. Pecinovsky

    rachelheldevans.com 13 Feb '17, 5am

    When you grow up in a small denomination, the whole church feels like your extended family. This was especially true for me after attending a denominational college and working overseas with missionaries from my church tradition. Mentors, professors, ministers, fellow missionaries—the...

  • @thhmas @joelsh Bok: Pentecostal Spirituality av Steven Land. Blog:

    Ask a Pentecostal...(Response)

    rachelheldevans.com 18 Feb '17, 9am

    I’m aware that sounds idealistic. Naturally, wherever there is an authentic move of God, there will be people who “confuse the spectacular for the wonderful.” There will be carnality and confusion and conflict. We can’t expect a contemporary move of God to be any more tidy than it was...

  • So you’re thinking of voting for a pro-choice candidate...

    rachelheldevans.com 10 Feb '17, 7pm

    Or, put another way, I believe the sacred personhood of an individual begins before birth and continues throughout life, and I believe that sacred personhood is worth protecting, whether it’s tucked inside a womb, waiting on death row, fleeing Syria in search of a home, or playing ben...

  • 2016 and the Risk of Birth

    rachelheldevans.com 13 Jan '17, 9pm

    My son entered the world to the sound of laughter. February, 2016. When you’ve been married for thirteen years, you know exactly what kind of humor your partner will appreciate when she’s actively pushing a baby out of her body, and Dan, sensing it would make me feel confident and saf...


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