• my strength

    proudduck.com 27 Nov '16, 9am

    “What does success mean to you?” “How do you see yourself in 10 years?” “What is your recipe to success?” Gosh I hate these kinds of questions. They’re so hard! I mean, you really don’t go around thinking about all these. If you are, then you’re probably not working hard enough! Haha....

  • video interview

    proudduck.com 13 Nov '16, 4am

    Wow! I just watched video and I have to say – I love you! I didnt know that you are the cofunder of FashionValet- really big deal. I also have two kids and sometimes it’s difficult to buy them what they want. I found this website: https://www.picodi.com/my/ and it really helps me. May...

  • secure yourself

    proudduck.com 02 Nov '16, 8am

    That time when Daniel fell off the bed. Poor guy inherited Mommy’s unattractive sleeping habits… drool, mouth open, moves a lot.. hehe. But jokes aside, I think the thud I heard from the bedroom made my heart stop for a second, if that’s even possible. It’s so weird… I can’t hear my c...

  • what is busy, mommy?

    proudduck.com 08 Nov '16, 4pm

    I was told that having a baby is fun. They lied because having a baby is not fun because they don’t do anything. It gets so much more fun when they start talking (then the fun stops once they start becoming a pre-teen and they’re no longer cute). Daniel is a hoot to be around now, and...

  • our first movie together

    proudduck.com 13 Nov '16, 4am

    We bravely took the kids for a movie recently. Both the kids! This was Mariam’s first ever movie and Daniel’s second. We heard about the beanie bag cinema in One Utama from my silk so decided to try it out with them. It was so nice! All 4 of us on one big beanie cuddling while watchin...

  • dUCk alphabet collection

    proudduck.com 13 Nov '16, 4am

    The media came, our longtime dUCkies came, VIPs came, new faces came, my favourite was this one Chinese Uncle who went what is this dUCk dUCk ah? , and bought a whole bunch for his daughters. Alhamdulillah, I’m so so happy when other religions also learn about dUCk and open their eyes...

  • post-voice rest

    proudduck.com 13 Oct '16, 2am

    Read your comments in my previous post, and I think that interview only took a snippet of what I said during the actual long interview, so it wasn’t a fair representation of how I feel about staff on MC. OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT CRAZY. If you’re really really sick and contagious I wouldn’t w...

  • Website is under construction

    proudduck.com 27 Jul '16, 8am

    Maintenance mode is on Website will be available soon