• aiyaiyai….

    proudduck.com 21 Feb '15, 9am

    I’m quite grateful that I was never the type to get upset over negative comments, even from the start of my blogging days. Cos honest to God, I always take the good from it to improve myself. And the bad and plain nasty bits, I just disregard quite easily because I know it’s not about...

  • so i was wondering how she get up there…

    outdoor wedding

    proudduck.com 26 Jan '15, 2pm

    wedding was a complete waste of my makeup. I seriously can’t wait for her to blog about it so you can see the gorgeous details, the floral bicycle, the coconut ice cream booth, the fairy lights, the rosette tablecloth, oh man… I’d say “I do” to Jason just for the wedding. I totally ge...

  • try to read this

    the virtual world

    proudduck.com 17 Feb '15, 11am

    Sponsored Post You know how it is. You have a really busy day and your mom keeps sending you copy and paste messages of how if you don’t send this to 10 people, you will die. “Mom I love you, but stop ittttt.” “Ok sorry darling.” And then she stops for 2 days before sending you more. ...

  • man i love these two human beings


    proudduck.com 19 Feb '15, 6am

    Wearing a maxi dress by CHIYO from FV . Still pregnant! Haha. Any day now but I’m not feeling much contraction or pain so I dunno… I give up trying to guess! This baby is all about teaching Mommy some patience. Like a-a-ah…not yet, Mommy…. Anyway, Dean has been enjoying these last day...

  • getting mad

    proudduck.com 05 Jan '15, 1am

    We’re all human. We get annoyed at things. Sometimes it’s really that person’s fault but sometimes it’s really not and we’re just having a bad day. Some people lash out on their social media accounts with all sorts of bad words that I never even knew existed. Some people zikir, some p...

  • womb worries

    proudduck.com 29 Nov '14, 2pm

    I can’t sleep. So today, FV had a fashion show in KL Fashion Weekend and I seriously could not be prouder of my team. They did everything from A to Z and managed the show so smoothly, I was so so pleased as I goyang kaki in the front row clapping my hands furiously for our company. Am...

  • @AfifShafiek all :p but these two really really touch my heart & play the vid

    an introduction to #staybeautiful

    proudduck.com 29 Nov '14, 2pm

    I was having a casual lunch in the office with some guests and all of a sudden the topic was pantang (confinement). We all shared how our confinement experiences were and mannn it was like a universal thing; PANTANG IS DEPRESSING! And why not; that’s when our bodies go through changes...

    1. womb worries proudduck.com 29 Nov '14, 2pm
  • Hahaha. Made me laugh out loud! My exact thoughts when choosing fresh fruits! Kekekeke.

    smelling mangoes

    proudduck.com 13 Dec '14, 11am

    I love grocery shopping and I always like to take my time in the supermarket. Domestic goddess, I am certainly not, but at the supermarket you can always fake it. The domestic goddesses are the ones hanging out in the Fresh section, smelling fruits and vegetables. If it were up to me,...