• what i learned on daniel’s 3rd birthday |

    proudduck.com 25 Jul '16, 5pm

    Daniel’s birthday is always around Ramadhan time so poor guy never really had a big celebration. The first year, we had a cake after terawih and a lot of people reading doa for him which was nice. Second birthday it was Ramadhan as well and we celebrated with a cake in an intimate set...

  • 3 days in paris

    proudduck.com 26 Jul '16, 1am

    We were both worried if they were going to have a heightened anti-Muslim movement and with me wearing the headscarf, it would be scary. Postponing this trip could mean another 2 months time because it was hard enough to squeeze in 3 days to travel with our work commitments. At the end...

  • have you seen my passport?

    proudduck.com 11 Jul '16, 9am

    We sat down many times to retrace back Dean’s footsteps since his last time with his passport. We had been traveling so much the past month so we couldn’t really remember which airport experience belonged to which trip. Our last trip was Brunei so we traced back my photos (see, now ev...

  • gen Y

    proudduck.com 23 Jun '16, 9pm

    Honestly it’s really hard to find genuinely passionate staff and this is a problem nationwide I think. There are more people who hate their job than those who love, and if you ask anyone, no one is happy with their salary. Everyone always wants more, and going to work is just a routin...

    1. gen Y proudduck.com 28 Jun '16, 10pm
  • mariam does her passport

    proudduck.com 03 Jul '16, 3am

    This is Mariam’s first time traveling so I had to take her to do her passport today because it was the only morning I had free. I decided to be brave and just take her alone, no nanny or Kak Siti or moms or anyone to help me out. So one hand carrying my bag (filled with wet wipes, bis...

  • the necklace

    proudduck.com 10 Jul '16, 6pm

    I look at Mariam and Dean and I just think there’s something special about dads and daughters. It’s crazy, like Dean and I would do the same exact thing but Mariam will always always choose Dean. Sometimes I roll my eyes at Dean, but I always end up smiling when I see her snuggling up...

  • ramadhan checklist

    proudduck.com 07 Jun '16, 11pm

    I’m loving our religion. I have a looooooooong way to go to understand more about it, but I’m going to try my best to adhere to all of God’s wants of me. Sometimes I really feel silly that I never wore the hijab sooner. I mean, nice hair, God, nice hair, God… really, is it even a deba...

  • dia ni sapa?

    proudduck.com 22 Jun '16, 7am

    I’m getting more recognised in the public (but really, most are just Daniel and Mariam fans -__-“) but it’s so weird because I’m not a celebrity. I don’t act, I don’t sing, and apart from the reality show, I am not a regular TV personality. I think the people who truly know/recognise ...