• my eyes still light up

    proudduck.com 09 Mar '17, 12am

    Dean is away on a business trip and as usual, I’ll be really down. When we are apart, I realise how much I love him and I think sometimes space is really good to rekindle the love especially when you even work together! So I’ll write an emo post about him then hehe. Nowadays, he gets ...

  • spring cleaning

    proudduck.com 21 Mar '17, 8pm

    People always ask me how my wardrobe looks like and how they’d like to have a look. Well ok, so I converted one of the rooms in my place as my wardrobe (When we moved in, Dean suggested it be his study room and I laughed in his face. End of story.). In this room, sits everything I own...

  • extra pahala

    proudduck.com 15 Mar '17, 10am

    Dean has been extremely sweet to me lately. I think my snores at night and my eyebags have been hinting to him that I am just exhausted juggling work and family. He’s been putting Daniel to sleep and he’s been so loving, it’s awesome! See, when husbands are nice to their wives like ho...

  • a new milestone

    proudduck.com 23 Feb '17, 2pm

    Anyway, I’ve blogged before about Endeavor before. You can’t really apply for Endeavor. They find you somehow like some secret CIA people, and then they coach you and groom you and mentor you if they see potential in you and your business. They make you meet mentors in relevant indust...

    1. a new milestone proudduck.com 23 Feb '17, 1am
  • dUCk in London

    proudduck.com 10 Mar '17, 7am

    Overall, we had 43 interested buyers for dUCk, each representing either a multilabel store or an e-commerce website and what’s interesting was that they came from different countries. I told my team don’t rush into anything yet, just research each one a bit more to see if they’re suit...

  • the key to happiness

    proudduck.com 12 Feb '17, 1pm

    Ok so this is my typical day; wake up, deal with 2 kids who don’t want to wake up and shower, get scolded by Dean because I take too long to get ready myself, go to work, face 50 problems consisting of internal and external work issues, back to back meetings that I still have to conce...

  • my white pants

    proudduck.com 26 Mar '17, 3pm

    It was many years ago, I was in the Calvin Klein store and debated whether I needed these pants that cost a thousand bucks. Of course I do, my heart says. No you idiot you don’t, my brain says. I’m not a big fan of what the brain says usually, and surrounded by fancy railings and plea...

  • have faith

    proudduck.com 11 Mar '17, 2am

    For the first time, Stella walked in on me praying and she got the shock of her life. \ \ She said I looked so different in the white telekung (a long white skirt that has to cover your feet completely, and a white veil that goes up to your knees). The only thing people can see is you...