1 hour ago ... Heard that there's this other interesting app coming up, called Wear & Where! It helps to make shopping a whole lot easier. Instead of alerting ...

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  • Biolane


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 30 Oct '14, 6am

    Biolane products are specially formulated to protect and meet the needs of the baby’s skin. All the active ingredients are carefully selected for their non-aggressive nature so that they are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. They contain 2 core ingredients - What Protein and ...

  • Yosi Samra in Singapore

    Yosi Samra in Singapore

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 29 Oct '14, 11pm

    Yosi Samra is a New York designer who came up with this awesome ballet flats which every girl needs in their wardrobe. They are stylish, comfy and also comes in a whole range of colours! You can read more about Yosi Samra here http://justtangy.blogspot.sg/2014/10/yosi-samra-in-singapo...

  • Ellysage


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 29 Oct '14, 1am

    Last but not least, follow them closely on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration!

  • Frozen Breastmilk

    Frozen Breastmilk

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 27 Oct '14, 7pm

    In just 5 weeks post-partum I have accumulated around 100 packets of milk (150-180ml each). Woohoo! Was worried how to go on storing milk since I have already flooded the freezer at my parent's and my place so the chest freezer was a Need! Hopefully when I'm done with it there'll be p...

  • Post-Natal Home Massage

    Post-Natal Home Massage

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 23 Oct '14, 3pm

    Throughout my pregnancy i have done pre-natal massages (i do it weekly since Week 32) to make me feel better and more comfortable. Being pregnant sure isn't easy and a pre-natal massage helps me sleep much better. After i gave birth, i also did Post-Natal massage! After giving birth, ...

  • CarrisLabelle


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 23 Oct '14, 10am

    Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults. The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named "Carris" and a French word La Belle, which means "beautiful or lovely woman" in English. Every woman deserves clothing that...

  • Elroy's Full Month Celebration

    Elroy's Full Month Celebration

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 20 Oct '14, 3pm

    Life's Moments Red EggsDyed red eggs are an integral part of the full month celebration as it symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life, as well as announce the arrival of a newborn baby. Parents may also use the brightly colored eggs to announce the sex of the baby; an even number...

  • Happy 23rd Birthday

    Happy 23rd Birthday

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 16 Oct '14, 2am

    My first birthday spent with my newborn son! Had a nice dinner with the family he night before and thought that was it. I was all "aiya just another normal day! Mother already la, don't need to plan anything liao". Didn't expect my birthday to actually be a busy day? Was pleasantly su...


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