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  • Single Parents in Singapore

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 29 Jul '15, 4pm

    It's so stupid because not all Single Parents want to be Single Parents by choice. Yes, some people do choose to lead that lifestyle because going through an abortion does seem cruel and some women feel strong and capable enough to. But many don't...and many times it's because the Fat...

  • Prenatal Massage

    Prenatal Massage

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 28 Jul '15, 12pm

    The therapeutic benefits of massage for pregnant women haven't been studied very much. There's some evidence that massage may help people who suffer from low back pain and possibly those with chronic headaches, but the studies weren't done with pregnant women. In any case, massage may...

  • Carrislabelle


    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 27 Jul '15, 5am

    Hi, I'm Tammy. I've been blogging since '06. Just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Elroy, on 19 Sep '14. I update my blog pretty frequently with just about Anything - food, beauty, travel and occasional ranting about random stuff. Hope you enjoy following this space! Oh, but if you...

  • Hiding my Bump

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 24 Jul '15, 3pm

    I'm now in Week 22 and haven't posted a "looking pregnant" picture yet because the past few weeks I just wanted to look as "unpregnant" as I could just so I can see the shocked faces of people when I tell them that I have a baby in my belly. Haha. But from next week onwards, imma star...

  • Baby Doesnt Look Like Me

    Baby Doesnt Look Like Me

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 16 Jul '15, 12am

    But but now that i'm 24, MANY have said the resemblance to my mother is uncanny!!! My friends joke and call me by my mother's name because they say i look super like her now...haha. Like we have the same eyes and nose but that is damn weird because i got zhng my face here and there......

  • Ohsofickle: :')

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 13 Jul '15, 9am

    I have so so much to say and want to share but can't. But all I can say is I'm so truly blessed right now I cannot be any more thankful for the things happening to me and the people around me. Thank God for putting his angels around me, all the people I love - the people who matter mo...

  • Week 21

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 10 Jul '15, 9am

    Kinda hoping my bump doesn't grow too fast because I won't be able to carry Elroy anymore when that happens and I'm super scared he will distant himself from me and be much much closer to daddy and the helper. I'll feel so left out!!! :( I really feel very sad when I don't feel like E...

  • Difference between 1st & 2nd Pregnancy

    ohsofickle.blogspot.com 07 Jul '15, 4pm

    I sound like I totally don't care about this pregnancy but I DO!!! Just that I'm not so paranoid and worried because I sorta know what to expect already and also...because people around me don't seem to care about me, I also end up not caring so much about me. Lol. Not to mention, my ...


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