2 days ago ... Exciting times ahead! It is a year of change indeed. We have so much in store for MP this year and are FINALLY going about making thoseĀ ...

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    solo warrior

    missypixie.blogspot.com 11 Feb '15, 2pm

    I AM ALIVE. I AM NOT DEAD (yet) and I am definitely more happening on Instagram (@passionade). HORRORS. I know I took a super long hiatus from blogging but I swear I really didn't have the time to sit down and churn out a decent blog post. (i didn't even have time to watch Masterchef,...

  • keep calm and keep shopping

    keep calm and keep shopping

    missypixie.blogspot.com 26 Mar '13, 2pm

    It has become a routine. I always shop more post-CNY, in the first half of the year. I blame Zara's Spring/Summer goodies and everything floral and printed out there. Sighs. Have been kept busy at work looking for new designs (especially rompers cos of sneaky personal preferences, hah...

  • get knotty?

    get knotty?

    missypixie.blogspot.com 02 Mar '13, 7am

    oh gosh craving it badly in the midst of this crazy summer heat right now... am so gonna try and get the boy to bring me there after dinner later. muahaha.

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    it's my party and i'll cry if i want to;

    missypixie.blogspot.com 13 Nov '13, 7am

    i've never wanted a traditional ballroom kinda wedding. helps that my parents are not insisting on it, and that the other half is mighty cool about it. had wanted to go with a garden outdoorsy wedding at the Hort Park or Botanic Gardens but alas they were all fully booked for the date...

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    it has been a while

    missypixie.blogspot.com 28 Oct '13, 5am

    Oh it has been a long while since we blogged :( I don't know what i have been busy with this October but it sure feels like a really short month. Before I know it, I am looking at CNY designs and planning for year end collections. Where did all the days go? Is this what happens when y...

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    Makeup Review : What I bought in Korea

    missypixie.blogspot.com 09 Oct '13, 5am

    I know I said I would do a review of the products I bought in Korea, only to realise that actually...I didn't buy THAT many products to warrant a full scale review so I am adding in some other stuff that I use in my makeup regime and hope it suffices, haha. I think the first thing bot...

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    postcode envy.

    missypixie.blogspot.com 07 Oct '13, 5pm

    i've concluded from this trip that i'm more of a nature lover when it comes to holidays. sure, im almost always in awe of the intricacies of Gothic churches and stained glass, the opulence of castles dipped in gold, architectural marvels full of history - but nothing compares to stand...

  • and i'll see you at the other side.

    missypixie.blogspot.com 29 Sep '13, 5am

    LA's pretty much a touristy place if you ask me. if you're not keen on doing studio tours or visiting theme parks then i guess you can actually skip LA altogether. its my second time to LA - the first being 17 freakin' years ago - so i decided to revisit Disneyland (i recall having on...


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