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    missingavenue.blogspot.com 29 Jul '11, 5pm

    Just 3 things that I am thankful for recently. I know I am not the best blogger or photographer but there are the simple things life does offer me once in awhile that I just want to be able to share with all of you. Shoes, for a first, make me feel great especially when they start to ...

  • Shredded feathers

    Shredded feathers

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 29 Jan '12, 4pm

    I'm not sure what particularly inspired me to take photos beside a huge drain but I guess it did enough justice to one of my favourite skirts. I'll be super honest and say that I'm not very satisfied with these images (how many times have I stood behind grass, omg) but my dad was kind...

  • Kampong Buangkok

    Kampong Buangkok

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 27 Dec '11, 5pm

    Today's inspiration: life from a whole new perspective. If you ask me, it would probably also be my biggest inspiration. We found ourselves in Singapore's last surviving kampong (for those who don't know what it means- its a village) and basically just took time to really, take it all...

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 24 Dec '11, 4pm

    Are you guys having an awesome festive weekend so far? Don't forget to pop some confetti….. I did some reflection today for how good I've been all year… And figured, heck it! I still deserve those shoes on Solestruck…So after going through thousands of shoes, it came to this: So tonig...

  • Rachel & Constance

    Rachel & Constance

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 01 Feb '12, 3pm

    Love these shots I snapped of Rachel and Constance! Its so nice having friends who not only inspire me but also are a great bunch of fun to be with everyday! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, stay safe kitties. xx

  • twos


    missingavenue.blogspot.com 27 Jan '12, 4pm

    Just two shots from the past week- Last weekend I grilled the perfect steak (Gotta thank Jamie Oliver for that, his Perfect Steak video always allows me to take credit for making a really really good steak for an ammature like me- I've done it his way a couple of times and it never fa...

  • missingavenue

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 19 Jan '12, 5pm

    I don't know how to live my life everyday when people out there are having to deal with loss of a loved one, I don't know how I'm able to go through a week of pure good fun and laughter while people out there are dying, and people are crying for grief, or asking God why He had to do t...

  • A light that never goes

    A light that never goes

    missingavenue.blogspot.com 02 Feb '12, 6pm

    I would honestly be lying if I were to say life's great and I'm okay because I clearly am not. Sometimes the things life throws at you can really affect you even if you don't want it to, and other times, no matter how hard you try, it just stays there. I guess its been like this for m...


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