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  • Psst...be the first to see my new book cover! #makeupyourlife

    A Sneak Peek

    michellephan.com 23 Apr '14, 5pm

    I can’t help but want to share this news with all my Subbies! I can’t reveal any details at this time, but mark your calendars because this October my first book will be available everywhere books are sold. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover!

  • My desktop favs and where you can get them!

    New Video: My Desktop Favorites

    michellephan.com 21 Apr '14, 10pm

    I spend quite a bit of time in front of my computer editing videos. While I bring my laptop just about everywhere I go, when I’m home I like to work at my desk. Having a designated workstation not only keeps me focused, but also helps me be more efficient. Haven’t you ever been sidetr...

  • Springtime beauty you'll want to try this season:

    Pretty In Pastel: Spring-Inspired Beauty Looks

    michellephan.com 16 Apr '14, 11am

    Spring is a time for fresh starts. It’s a time when flowers are in bloom, the sun is showing itself more regularly, and we’re planning tons of outdoor adventures. It’s also the time to find ways to reinvent your makeup – I can’t help but want to wear hues that are reflective of the se...

  • 7 Facts About Makeup That Will Shock You

    michellephan.com 09 Apr '14, 1pm

    Makeup has existed for thousands of years; well, a form of makeup that is. In ancient times tar, lead and an array of other elements we wouldn’t dare put on our skin today, beautified women all over the world. Now we’re much more conscious about what we put on our skin, but as ingredi...

  • Nail polish on your favorite dress, here's how to get it out:

    Polish Up: The Answers to Your Nail Polish Mishaps

    michellephan.com 14 Apr '14, 5pm

    Just like putting your best face forward can heighten your mood, having a stunning manicure works the same way. When you accomplish the perfect polish it can brighten your day and exude poise no matter what you’re wearing. When something jeopardizes your manicure, or worse, nail polis...

  • Beauty School: The Best False Lashes for Your Eye Shape

    michellephan.com 17 Apr '14, 9pm

    Beauty School: The Best False Lashes for Your Eye Shape Posted by Michelle Phan on June 11, 2013 at 4:00 am Hi everyone, If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your drapes (aka eyelashes) better show them off properly! Fluttery falsies are the perfect way to give your lashes a b...

  • Another year older and why I’m thrilled about it:

    The Meaning of Birthdays

    michellephan.com 11 Apr '14, 6pm

    Phew, another year just flew by! It’s amazing how quick time passes. I can’t believe today is my birthday. I know aging seems to be taboo for many women, but I actually enjoy it. With age comes experience, and it’s exciting to look back over the years and reflect on the adventures, ri...

  • Up your goddess status with makeup and fashion fit for a pharaoh:

    New Video: Egyptian Queen

    michellephan.com 07 Apr '14, 7pm

    Cleopatra ruled Egypt for 21 years, and ever sense, she’s left her mark on history. She was known as a charismatic woman who achieved greatness through discipline and determination. In many ways she’s inspired generations, and not just for her power and ingenuity. She has been portray...