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  • It's that time of the year already.... #fallbeauty

    4 Beauty Swaps to Make Before Fall Begins

    michellephan.com 29 Aug '14, 1pm

    4 Beauty Swaps to Make Before Fall Begins Posted by Michelle Phan on August 29, 2014 at 4:00 am With back to school and Labor Day weekend here, summer is finally coming to a close. As always, it was amazing while it lasted but I’m ready to switch up my beauty routine a bit. We all kno...

  • 3 sweet and simple ways to store your makeup brushes:

    3 Simple Ways to Store Makeup Brushes

    michellephan.com 27 Aug '14, 12pm

    When you have as many makeup products as I do, it can become a mess quickly. It’s tempting to leave makeup littered across the countertops and run off to complete the day’s events, but items can be lost or dirtied in the clutter, not to mention that you might get an earful from your r...

  • Words of wisdom to inspire you..

    10 Quotes to Live By

    michellephan.com 28 Aug '14, 11am

    For me, inspiration is huge. The key to tuning into your creativity and making something beautiful is to experience life and connect with other minds. Sometimes just a phrase or sentence can turn your whole day around and give you the motivation to move forward and follow your dreams....

  • Heading #backtoschool? 10 things to always remember:

    10 Things to Remember This School Year

    michellephan.com 26 Aug '14, 11am

    School may have started for some of you and for others it’s on the way this September. No matter what class you’re in or school you go to, heading to class every day can be tough. But it can also be amazing, and since you have to do it anyway, you might as well try to make it the best...

  • Get those stubborn last drops of product out of any bottle with these tips.

    4 Tricks for Getting Everything Out of the Bottle

    michellephan.com 25 Aug '14, 11am

    Few things are more frustrating than when you can’t get those last drops of product out of the bottle. It may not be as devastating as messing up your eye makeup , but it feels defeating! You can only bang the container against your hand so many times before giving up and tossing it. ...

  • Ask Michelle: How Often Should You Shampoo?

    michellephan.com 27 Aug '14, 6pm

    Ever since my last Ask Michelle post about stretch marks , my MichellePhan.com inbox has been flooded with all sorts of great beauty and fashion questions. Today, I’m answering a reader-submitted question that I think applies to everyone – how often should you really be shampooing? Th...

  • No more trips to the ocean? No problem. Here's how to still reap the beauty benefits of sea water:

    The Beauty Benefits of Sea Water Products

    michellephan.com 22 Aug '14, 10am

    Every type of water you can imagine finds its way into our beauty routines at some point. You may not be making a conscious decision to incorporate different forms of water into your skincare regimen, but thermals, rose waters and others are ingredients in many of our face washes and ...

  • You've got your new clothes and school supplies, now there's just one more thing...

    Dorm Living: Décor Essentials

    michellephan.com 21 Aug '14, 5pm

    Decorating your dorm is a major milestone in life. It’s a rite of passage for college-goers, and likely the first time you’ve ever had the opportunity to decorate your very own, independent space. If you share the space with a roommate, it’s fun to be able to create a fabulous living ...