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  • Stole a picture with Ruien at the Star Awards post party and more... #fb

    Star Awards 2011 02 May '11, 11am

    It was also this long and grueling period leading up to the final day, that put allies to the test and allowed me the rare opportunity to discern those with self-serving purposes from those with a true heart. I’ve found friends who don’t ask for anything in return, and would go above ...

  • Understanding myself a little bit more... #fb

    The Tree of Life 03 Oct '11, 8am

    Once in a while, you get an artistic film like The Tree of Life that almost drives you out of the cinema half-way through and makes you wonder why you didn’t buy tickets to Friends with Benefits instead. To be completely honest, if I watched this on DVD, I probably would never sit thr...

    1. A Whole New Life…….. 06 Oct '11, 3pm
  • Dinner with my brother last night got me thinking.

    Misleading headlines 16 Aug '11, 7am

    Misleading headlines are not exclusive to this generation, although social media does provide more room for distortion. Public opinion, albeit based upon exaggerated facts or inaccurate reports, remains a creative expression, unique to every individual and allows us to make sense of l...

  • Hmmm ... @votepapout: Will George Yeo be desperate enough to get celebrities to help him? @felicianeo @luffagal

    Tea at Ministry of Foreign Affairs 04 May '11, 6am

    It was a privilege to be invited to the Minister’s office for tea. I know it sounds almost like there’s a double-entendre , because back in school, “You are going to have tea with the principal” usually means you’re in trouble for either misbehaving or failing of exams. But no, I wasn...

  • @CapehartJ I think u'll find something here:

    Unusual Footwear 17 Jul '12, 8pm

    Posted on April 17, 2010 | 15 Comments The days of women with bound feet are over. With the liberation of women and greater independence comes shoes of different sizes, widths and designs. After all, women always needs shoes to go with different outfits. Maybe you’ll find something yo...

  • @_asymptotic

    The Man who made Sex on the Beach | A Jolly Affair 23 Apr '11, 10am

    If you’re wondering what’s the first thing I’m going to do after Star Awards tomorrow, it will be to indulge in local delights! That’s because I will be filming a regional food programme early next morning, where I take Alvin Leung, aka Demon Chef to taste some of Singapore’s local de...

  • Lifestyle 生活时尚

    Lifestyle 生活时尚 10 Jul '12, 3am

    Many people have been curious about my purse purchase from eBay. There’s no better way to find the answers to your questions by doing your own research. To find out what’s the average price people are paying for similar items, I suggest a search for the item on the completed listings....

  • Pray for Japan | A Jolly Affair 21 Mar '11, 9am

    Let us not forget that there are women in many parts of the world who suffer b'cos of discrimination & oppression. #IWD 2 weeks ago Haha! RT @KoPiHoLiC : What the F**k are the schedulers thinking? @ActivistJourney shld be telecast on weekday nights!! 2 months ago How did you celebrate...