jjjayne.com 14 Jan '14, 5am

    DERMACARE AESTHETIC & LASER CLINIC January 12, 2014 - 0 comments - It’s about 6 months leading up to my wedding and of course, Vern and I must look good on our special day yes? Furthermore, our wedding shoot is happening March/April so time to shape up and look good! Thankfully for us...

  • SSURFACE is launched

    SSURFACE is launched

    jjjayne.com 02 May '13, 9am

    Hi friends! I’m here to announce something really exciting… SOEURS NOW SELLS ONLINE!!! A lot of customers and readers have been asking when will I be selling online, why I’m not online yet etc etc and the reason being was that I was really busy but I finally made time out of my schedu...

  • MAQUILLAGE True Powdery UV Foundation + True Cheek

    MAQUILLAGE True Powdery UV Foundation + True Cheek

    jjjayne.com 29 Apr '13, 9am

    I’ve never been crazy over make-up so I only have that few essentials that I carry around with me but ever since I got to know Evonne and Yina, my make-up inventory has grown double with lots of goodies! Recently, I was introduced to the Japanese brand MAQuillAGE and was given a coupl...

  • Soeurs is going to the Public Garden!

    Soeurs is going to the Public Garden!

    jjjayne.com 26 Apr '13, 8am

    Sorry ladies for the MIA but I’ve been really busy with Soeurs’ new project which I will share with you very soon but in the meantime, I have some other awesome news to share with you! Soeurs will be heading to the Public Garden Flea this Saturday! You can expect lots of pretty, colou...

  • Advertorial: Take On the World!

    Advertorial: Take On the World!

    jjjayne.com 17 Apr '13, 5am

    Are you inspired by Japanese street style but you never had the opportunity to travel to Japan? Or perhaps your dream is to become a film maker because you want to document the hidden gems of Ho Chin Minh? If you have big dreams, make it happen with Jetstar! I don’t know about you but...

  • Advertorial: The Pink Flare

    Advertorial: The Pink Flare

    jjjayne.com 16 Apr '13, 11am

    Just a while ago, I received these 3 lovely pieces from fellow Salon Vim ambassador Jeneen who also happens to own Pink Flare! Half and Half Blazer in Black & Pretty Young Thing Dress in Cream. Spring Kisses top previously featured in my Lancome Day Out post. She was also very sweet a...

  • Hareway


    jjjayne.com 15 Apr '13, 5am

    Before this, all I knew about IPL was that it is an expensive procedure to get rid of hair and that I can only do it at salons. But now, there is Hareway ! Hareway carries 3 types of IPL machines ranging from $588 to $1388 and each machine caters to all your different needs! You can n...

    1. Hareway – Home IPL System renzze.com 16 Apr '13, 9am
  • Future Music Festival Asia 2013

    Future Music Festival Asia 2013

    jjjayne.com 14 Apr '13, 5pm

    A bit backdated but always better late than never! Last month, I tagged along with Vernon and his colleagues to KL for the Future Music Festival Asia 2013. My first music festival abroad!!! I was super psyched actually, just that I had to act cool hahaha. Actually, I wasn’t all too fa...


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