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  • Isabellakuan: Bonjour Paree!

    Isabellakuan: Bonjour Paree!

    isabellakuan.com 12 May '16, 5pm

    My hotel room in Paris where I spent my first night in ordering room service (Who doesn't love room service!). With its peaceful and quaint location, Pavillion De La Reine is a perfect bolthole. It just felt like I'm in a total different world whenever I'm back at the hotel. It was th...

  • Finally! A long blog post about brunch places in Melbourne

    Isabellakuan: Melbourne : Hipster haven

    isabellakuan.com 21 Oct '14, 7am

    There's basically nothing much to do in Melbourne unless you want to go sightseeing, but the best thing you could do is go on a food hunt everyday. There are way too many cafes and brunch places in every corner and alley that you can finish trying them, not even if you're a permanent ...

  • Bella Kuan, a famous lifestyle blogger and musician, blogged about our #mobileapp! #WobbTheJob

    Isabellakuan: Ultimate dream job with Wobb

    isabellakuan.com 19 Jun '15, 5am

    I would say that I’m very fortunate to have a fun job working as a blogger and to be traveling and writing about things that I love. I mean, getting paid while you travel and talk about fashion and food? It sounds really promising already. But that’s not my ultimate dream job, I still...

  • Vote for ISABELLA ,one of the TOP 5 bloggerrs for the LEVI'S curve ID blogger award !Check out her blog for...

    LEVI’S curve ID blogger award.

    isabellakuan.com 18 Jul '12, 1pm

    LEVI’S curve ID blogger award. 18 Jul 12 Hey guys!The results are finally out!I feel so lucky and blessed to get into TOP 5.Our final task for this competition is to create our very own style with the Levi’s curve ID jeans.And we are required to create three different styles which is ...

  • BLOGGED : @jasafterparty mafia themed birthday

    JACSAFTERPARTY 21ST dinner party !! | Italian mafia girls

    isabellakuan.com 15 Aug '12, 2am

    Anyway,some updates!Sweetie pie Jac has finally turned 21 !Now she can go satisfy her urge in the casino all she wants.Everyone’s so excited of themselves turning 21,cause that’s when they finally get to club legally,gamble all they want and do what they want.But i don’t gamble(i’m pr...

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  • MORNING UPDATES ! Blogged : <3

    I Darts Quad launch.

    isabellakuan.com 08 Aug '12, 3am

    Here’s a mere idea of what is I darts all about.Instead of just setting up a bar hiring a live band for your entertainment,or probably providing card games and such,I darts is bringing the bar entertainment to a whole new level by installing electronic dart machines where you can drin...

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  • Blogged!Check out my visit at Acme bar & coffee last week

    ABC | Acme bar & coffee

    isabellakuan.com 29 Jul '12, 4pm

    Term break is finally over,class officially starts tomorrow,its time to hangout with the books again!Though it was only a week of term break,but i had more than enough of fun.Have been hanging out a lot lately simply because everyone is back from their summer and winter break overseas...

  • Blog updated! ❤️ https://t.co/8gSSHM5sWp

    Isabellakuan: 20years of maximizer magic.

    isabellakuan.com 14 May '15, 5am

    The main common problems we have using underwired bras are having them to break apart after a period of time of washing and it hurts when the wire digs into our skin. It causes discomfort and it’ll be a waste of money buying new bras again and again but not getting the problem solved....