We spend a lot of time caring for the skin on our faces, and whatever age you're at, you won't stop getting the right products that will promote ...

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  • Bella Kuan, a famous lifestyle blogger and musician, blogged about our #mobileapp! #WobbTheJob

    Isabellakuan: Ultimate dream job with Wobb

    isabellakuan.com 19 Jun '15, 5am

    I would say that I’m very fortunate to have a fun job working as a blogger and to be traveling and writing about things that I love. I mean, getting paid while you travel and talk about fashion and food? It sounds really promising already. But that’s not my ultimate dream job, I still...

  • Blog updated! ❤️ https://t.co/8gSSHM5sWp

    Isabellakuan: 20years of maximizer magic.

    isabellakuan.com 14 May '15, 5am

    The main common problems we have using underwired bras are having them to break apart after a period of time of washing and it hurts when the wire digs into our skin. It causes discomfort and it’ll be a waste of money buying new bras again and again but not getting the problem solved....

  • Finally! A long blog post about brunch places in Melbourne

    Isabellakuan: Melbourne : Hipster haven

    isabellakuan.com 21 Oct '14, 7am

    There's basically nothing much to do in Melbourne unless you want to go sightseeing, but the best thing you could do is go on a food hunt everyday. There are way too many cafes and brunch places in every corner and alley that you can finish trying them, not even if you're a permanent ...

  • Vote for ISABELLA ,one of the TOP 5 bloggerrs for the LEVI'S curve ID blogger award !Check out her blog for...

    LEVI’S curve ID blogger award.

    isabellakuan.com 18 Jul '12, 1pm

    LEVI’S curve ID blogger award. 18 Jul 12 Hey guys!The results are finally out!I feel so lucky and blessed to get into TOP 5.Our final task for this competition is to create our very own style with the Levi’s curve ID jeans.And we are required to create three different styles which is ...

  • Isabellakuan: Swinging with style | Fashion party

    Isabellakuan: Swinging with style | Fashion party

    isabellakuan.com 30 May '13, 10am

    First of all, I personally think that the red jumpsuit is awesome possum! The colour of red just makes everyone pop with style. In my opinion, a tiny hint of red such as a pair of pumps or ballerina flats or necklace or arm candy or bag is enough to pump up the whole look of a person'...

  • Isabellakuan: Middle Eastern princess | Hammam experience

    Isabellakuan: Middle Eastern princess | Hammam experience

    isabellakuan.com 29 May '13, 4am

    Though i don't know how Henry looks like yet but i assume he's going to be super cute because of his parents cute genes of course.Everyone seems to be having a baby recently,I have been listening to so many young mums among my friends sharing their birth experience,breast feeding,conf...

  • Isabellakuan: Shawn Cutler | Hair makeover

    Isabellakuan: Shawn Cutler | Hair makeover

    isabellakuan.com 16 May '13, 3am

    Anyway,speaking of my lucky hair cut,it all happened in Bangsar Telawi,in this Salon named Shawn Cutler.I'm sure most of you already know where Shawn Cutler is,especially if you're the regulars who hangs out a lot in Bangsar Telawi area.

  • Isabellakuan: Nom nom nom...

    Isabellakuan: Nom nom nom...

    isabellakuan.com 11 May '13, 4am

    Have been trying out new recipes recently,and i realize that i tend to have a bigger appetite when i eat at home.I can eat so much when it comes to home cook meals compared to eating out.And somehow you can tell if a restaurant is using too much MSG when you're used to eating home a l...