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My girls have really been keeping me sane – It has been such a blessing spending time with them and watching them grow into the ...

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  • Our journey by Lightedpixels | ickleoriental

    ickleoriental.net 13 Oct '15, 1am

    Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have friends who have watched us grow and who have supported our journey. But one friend has actually documented that process in a beautiful way that we’ll never forget. What makes me even happier is that no matter how old we get, the littl...

  • Anyone able to provide a mummy dog & pups shelter for just a month? PLEASE HELP

    PLEASE HELP: Mummy dog & her nine pups need a shelter for a month | ickleoriental

    ickleoriental.net 30 Jan '12, 10am

    She has a clean bill of health and is now looking for a kind soul that will be able to take her and her pups in for 2.5months but we will be grateful even if it is only for a month. The pups will not be too much trouble as she does all the cleaning and feeding. She will need a warm be...

  • Back to Pre-Preggo: A Post About Staying Active

    ickleoriental.net 20 Nov '11, 11am

    Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about how to keep active post-partum. It was mostly about how to get back into exercise after birth and had a lot of tips for the new mummy. But this was way before I went back to work and that has brought me to a whole new level completely. When yo...

  • New post!!

    14 Months « ickleoriental

    ickleoriental.net 12 Jul '12, 3pm

    I think Nae's relationships with both Rosco and Sally have really blossomed over the past two months. She actively plays with Rosco on her own now, picking the ball up and throwing it over for him, and she goes over to pet him quite a bit. Sally used to be a bit more reserved but rece...

  • Updated the bio page - Always a joy to see the family grow!

    ickleoriental | About

    ickleoriental.net 25 Apr '13, 7am

    There – I said it. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been scrawling on my diary or making up my own story books for my parents on holiday. I guess that’s why I decided to read English Literature and got into journalism and the media. Although those days are behind me, I’m still at it. B...

  • ickleoriental | Conversations with my daughter… at 23 months

    ickleoriental.net 01 Apr '13, 1pm

    Conversations with my daughter… at 23 months By Janice On April 1, 2013 · 1 Comment N: Mummy, can I come downstairs and have some pear, please? J: Isn’t it bedtime? You’ve already eaten. N: Want pear. Please? J: Alright, if Mummy cuts you some pear and lets you have it, will you go to...

  • Very Amused Baby | Journey

    Very Amused Baby | Journey

    ickleoriental.net 22 Sep '11, 2am

    I used to be very amused with this video – So just out of curiosity, I thought I’d see if Naomi would react similarly to tearing paper. And this is what we caught on video. Made me laugh! Related posts: too cute! Oh my golly have a holly jolly Christmas this year! Birthday Wishes This...

  • Finally, Mummy! | Journey

    Finally, Mummy! | Journey

    ickleoriental.net 15 Oct '11, 11am

    You’d think the nine months of baking, the birth and all the hormone-related woes would do it but no, it hasn’t. It has been over FIVE months of going through the motions and facing each challenge one step at a time, and dare I say it….? I think I’m finally feeling like a Mum. I was c...

    1. Paris, finally. sixpegs.com 19 Oct '11, 1pm