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When I listen to certain people talk with false objectivity and yet audible disdain about somebody else, it bothers me a lot. Worse when they camouflage ...

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  • and love is a panacea: another step forward

    and love is a panacea: another step forward

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 12 Sep '11, 1pm

    Over the weekend, we went out to prep for our ROM. Lovely cooling weather despite the haze... It's not easy planning for our big day when we are both so busy at work. But, glad that we are getting things going...slow and steady! Gonna end this post with a very random thought: Not many...

    1. Friends with love! beatricetan.com 13 Sep '11, 3am
  • cup of

    cup of

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 22 Oct '11, 9am

    ▼ October (2) a cup of love it has been a while...huh? ► September (3) all smiles another step forward What are words ► August (7) Saturday at East Coast Park grins Surprise Picnic at Botanical Gardens "Father of Singapore" You never awaken to the same day twice oh! durianssss Today i...

  • and love is a panacea: grins

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 22 Aug '11, 2pm

    Today, dearie and I left for work together. He drove me to my workplace and we had breakfast together. What a lovely way to kickstart the wk! =P Posted by Joanna Tan at 10:39 PM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: Love

  • all smiles

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 18 Sep '11, 2pm

    I received a whole bunch of beautiful photos, and ... We went Diving! This is my ideal study room YAY! Little accomplishments, Little smiles... Jo can cook, so can you Happy Anniversary! Today is a happy pink day White by Vera Wang 2 more days who doesn't love a happy ending? Osama is...

  • it has been a while...huh?

    it has been a while...huh?

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 15 Oct '11, 5am

    I have been so swamped with work, and at times, I feel like putting everything away and just go on a looonnnnngggg holiday. But then again, I have been holidaying since 2007, so I reallllyy shouldn't be complaining and whining at all. So I have been reminding myself, I have had wonder...

  • and love is a panacea: What are words

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 03 Sep '11, 11am

    If you really don't mean them when you say them What are words If they're only for good times then they're done When it's love Yeah you say them out loud, those words they never go away They live on, even when we're gone Anywhere you are, I am near Anywhere you go, I'll be there And I...

    1. no words proudduck.com 01 Sep '11, 3am
  • and love is a panacea: Saturday at East Coast Park

    and love is a panacea: Saturday at East Coast Park

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 24 Aug '11, 6am

    We wanted to take advantage of any precious time we have, to just chill and relax. So we ended up at East coast park.where time stood still... we sat by the breakwaters enjoy the breeze It was my first time riding a tandem bicycle: Such lovely weather to soak up the sun, and relax wit...

  • and love is a panacea: BMW 320i for SALE!!!

    BMW 320i for SALE!!!

    iamjoannatan.blogspot.com 25 Aug '12, 2am

    Asking price: 77K (negotiable) Please drop me an email at [email protected] if you are interested or if you have any questions... This car has really served us well =) COEs are crazy expensive now, so this is a really good deal if you are looking around for a car now.