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14 hours ago ... But here's the reason we look disapprovingly at you and your child. We don't go out to have a bad time. We don't pay to eat in a restaurant only ...

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  • Letters to Myla Rae - I Love that You Need Me

    hollyjean.sg 23 Jun '16, 2pm

    Open when- You need me but don't want to trouble me Dearest Myla Rae, Thanks for keeping me fit but my knees are now busted from all the standing and rocking and pacing about the house with you in my arms (or in a wrap). You are a great sleeper, don't get me wrong... oh you sleep thro...

    1. Letters to Myla Rae - Failure hollyjean.sg 17 Jun '16, 2pm
  • Letters to Myla Rae - Failure

    Letters to Myla Rae - Failure

    hollyjean.sg 17 Jun '16, 2pm

    In fact, one of my best memories of childhood... was not being afraid to fail. I had friends who would cry or be scared shitless when they fail. Not me. Of course I didn't want to fail, but I was raised to not be afraid of failure itself. You see, if I passed an exam, I would get one ...

  • Review- Pearhead 3D BabyPrints

    hollyjean.sg 16 Jun '16, 9am

    So I got the Pearhead 3D babyprints deluxe sculpture kit with the intention of making some really cute plaster casts of Myla Rae's hands and feet as a keepsake. She can't sit up on her own yet, so like it's hard to get her to stick her hand or foot in the gelatin mold because I would...

  • Phantom Photos Stored in Your iPhone Memory

    Phantom Photos Stored in Your iPhone Memory

    hollyjean.sg 11 Jun '16, 4am

    For a long while now, I was having problems with my iPhone's memory capacity. Always not enough space. I deleted loads of apps over the months, and stored the bare minimum ... and yet the damn prompt would always pop up so often saying there's not enough memory to save that photo or v...

  • 20 Questions Tag for New Mums

    20 Questions Tag for New Mums

    hollyjean.sg 05 Jun '16, 7am

    Supposed to be a video but I GOT NO TAIMEEEEEE Still would love to answer these 20 questions though... so here they are: (I'll tag my mum friends on FB later) 1. Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum? SAHM but I still do a fraction of the work load (writing/editing/reviewing) I ...

  • Sample Store's YouTube contest & $5000 worth of prizes!

    hollyjean.sg 28 May '16, 6am

    From 16th May 2016 to 3rd July 2016, Sample Store will be hosting a YouTube Contest with very attractive prizes. I could really use a new iPad... or the Airfryer. Haha. But don't worry la, I'm not competing with you. LOL. Here is my Vlog on how I redeem my Free Samples, so you know ro...

  • Womanizers Give the Best Orgasms

    Womanizers Give the Best Orgasms

    hollyjean.sg 09 May '16, 10am

    On the other side there is the stimulation head which gives out P waves. There is also a spare head which is XL sized for a larger clitoris so you can choose which one suits you better. You hover the stimulation head (that's the white silicon part) over the clitoris and what it does i...

  • Tips for Baby's Swimming

    Tips for Baby's Swimming

    hollyjean.sg 24 May '16, 10am

    Sorry for the long hiatus... just got back from 11 days away in Phuket. Was it fun? Well... I would say, travelling with a young infant, especially to a country where even the tap water is dirty, where her routine is broken, where the suitcase is so full of baby's stuff ....including ...


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