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14 hours ago ... But here's the reason we look disapprovingly at you and your child. We don't go out to have a bad time. We don't pay to eat in a restaurant only ...

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  • Watch My Belly Grow

    hollyjean.sg 11 Oct '15, 4am

    I can't really say that I've been having cravings... I quite like fruit (and I am normally the sort who doesn't eat fruit and veg). But when I wasn't pregnant, I loved food, so nothing has changed. Except that now that baby is bigger and squashing my insides, I have less room for food...

  • Shopping at Kohepets Online (And Discounts for pet supplies)

    Shopping at Kohepets Online (And Discounts for pet supplies)

    hollyjean.sg 09 Oct '15, 4am

    A special delivery came for my dog Lola yesterday. Everytime there's a delivery from Kohepets Online, Lola somehow knows it and gets excited! As soon as the parcels are dropped off at my door step, she will take one sniff... and then run straight to the middle of the living room where...

  • We Might Never Agree on a Baby Girl Name!!!

    We Might Never Agree on a Baby Girl Name!!!

    hollyjean.sg 08 Oct '15, 5am

    David and I haven't really agreed to anything. He always sends links to baby name websites to me and says, "better start picking out names you like". But I feel its a big waste of my time, really, because I have a long list of names I like and he always hates ALL of them. So every tim...

  • Christmas Pickles for Sale

    Christmas Pickles for Sale

    hollyjean.sg 07 Oct '15, 4am

    If you're looking to order Eurasian pickles this Christmas, do give my mum a call. Her number is 96407769 (Angela). Just ring her for more info. You can opt for the Christmas covers for the jars, nice touch if you're giving it as a gift. :)

  • Pregnancy Fashion Tips: All You Need to Remember is Your Shape!

    Pregnancy Fashion Tips: All You Need to Remember is Your Shape!

    hollyjean.sg 02 Oct '15, 1pm

    Pregnancy is definitely one of the most beautiful times of woman’s life and that is a fact. It is also a time when you can rediscover the whole new fashion – maternity fashion. There are so many cute dresses, jackets and tops that your head might get spinning pretty! But in fact, not ...

  • Pregnancy Stretchmark Cream Comparisons (aka Obsession)

    Pregnancy Stretchmark Cream Comparisons (aka Obsession)

    hollyjean.sg 27 Sep '15, 5am

    They say pregnancy stretch marks are genetic. If your mum has them, you probably will too. My mum has them, but she also had 3 kids. This is my first. And even at 6 and a half months, my belly has not expanded as much as 'normal'. I'm measuring a quite few weeks behind in terms of bel...

  • The haze is like right at my balcony. WTF

    hollyjean.sg 14 Sep '15, 11am

    Copyright and Disclaimer : All content (text and images) in this blog created by the blog owner (Holly Jean) is the intellectual property of the blog owner and protected by international copyright laws and cannot be stored on any retrieval system, reproduced, reposted, displayed, modi...

  • Did you suddenly get skin tags when pregnant?(or maybe even when not pregnant). I found a painless, scarless fix....

    Best Solution for Pregnancy Skin Tags

    hollyjean.sg 10 Sep '15, 4am

    In the grand scheme of things.. skin tags are obviously not a pressing issue for me. But since I'm on modified bed rest and stuck at home most of the time, I thought I'd try a few things to get rid of his annoying skin tag that formed on my eyelid around the second trimester of pregna...


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