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14 hours ago ... But here's the reason we look disapprovingly at you and your child. We don't go out to have a bad time. We don't pay to eat in a restaurant only ...

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  • Thanks @hollyjean69 for the great feature on #ShopVenture as the 'TripAdvisor for Online Shopping'!

    How to know if an Online store is any Good?

    hollyjean.sg 15 Dec '14, 2pm

    POMME D’ELLIE uses exotic eel skin leather and rich and vibrant colors when creating bags of contemporary vintage appeal. Eel skin is 150% stronger than regular leather and becomes softer and more supple with use. It is only produced in South Korea. Pomme D'Ellie's range of leather go...

  • So... did you pick your favourite Christmas gift yet? OSIM Xmas giveaway is happening on my instagram now...

    OSIM UCaress 3D & UGalaxy review (Plus Xmas Gifts for You!)

    hollyjean.sg 18 Nov '14, 12am

    I use the uCaress 3D daily because I work from home... I use it when I'm on my laptop blogging and when I'm just doing my admin stuff. My dining table doubles up as my 'office' and the chair is normally so uncomfortable to sit on for hours... but with the OSIM uCaress 3D, I just fit i...

  • The man's guide to dating a younger woman.

    The Distinguished Man's Guide to Dating a Younger Woman

    hollyjean.sg 15 Oct '14, 12am

    Very early on in life, I remember being quite taken by a Doctor who was in his mid 30s. We were not a couple, but I did hang out with him very often, and he would pick me up from my uni which was near his place, and we would go for dinner during the week. I enjoyed his company thoroug...

  • girls, it's the last week to get ur free sample of NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum, and also win $200...

    NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum

    hollyjean.sg 24 Sep '14, 6am

    It's the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields it from the sun. NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 contains an impressive blend of 100X concentrated Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, hydra IQ technology ...

  • What growing up as an ugly kid taught me

    Growing Up as an Ugly Kid: A Blessing in Disguise

    hollyjean.sg 04 Sep '14, 11am

    You think I'm bullshitting you, but I'm really not. I clean up well.... but I can also look (on the surface level) dog ugly. On the flip side, growing up ugly taught me a lot. Things like: Excel in something... In primary school, I was both undesirable (looks wise) and freaking last i...

  • Questions a Woman with an Older Man Gets Asked All the Time:

    Questions a Woman with an Older Man Gets Asked All the Time

    hollyjean.sg 01 Nov '14, 2am

    On behalf of women out there who date or are married older men... let me answer these questions once and for all so others can stop asking us these dumb question. 1. “Can he still get it up?” Older men in their 40s, or 50s are perfectly capable of having an erection. It's not like eve...

  • 1 week to the Juventus match at the new stadium in Singapore :) Woot woot! You want to join me to see Juventus...

    Join Me to Watch Juventus Train

    hollyjean.sg 08 Aug '14, 9am

    Singapore fans will also have the opportunity to see several World Cup stars. A dozen players from Juventus represented their respective countries at the World Cup in Brazil with Italy’s Pirlo and Pogba of France amongst those catching the eye with polished performances.

  • Where there are boobs, men will gravitate

    Where there are boobs, men will gravitate

    hollyjean.sg 17 Jul '14, 9am

    Just last weekend, David and I were at the taxi stand at 313Somerset, waiting for a taxi to go home when an older gentleman who was standing behind us in the queue started chatting to him. As it turns out, he is Scottish too... and they have mutual friends in their work circle. Oh wha...


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