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14 hours ago ... But here's the reason we look disapprovingly at you and your child. We don't go out to have a bad time. We don't pay to eat in a restaurant only ...

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  • Throwback Thursday - Steven Lim

    hollyjean.sg 21 May '15, 11am

    indulging her... So it's not like a hens night gag lingerie gift right? For indulgences, perhaps something from la perla. Like a slip or negligee . Think tasteful and material that is luxurious on the skin. Not porn esque or cheap China lace. Are u in singapore? There's a lingerie sho...

  • Is Cheating Ever Okay?

    Is Cheating Ever Okay?

    hollyjean.sg 11 May '15, 10am

    P/S- also, a word of advice... don't deny your partner sex or withhold it like some kind of power trip. It's not healthy. If you somehow lost your sex drive, have physical problems or have issues with the way your partner looks or whatever the reason, then find a way to fix it. Just a...

  • Where Have All My Exes Gone?

    Where Have All My Exes Gone?

    hollyjean.sg 18 Apr '15, 12pm

    This boyfriend was very private, so I had to use his initials GB. I had dated older men after Mark (but just about 7-10 years older than me) but none of them developed into anything serious. Then, I met GB, who is my age. I didn't think it would work, he wasn't my type. But we got alo...

  • Is leaving your toothbrush at his place a sign of commitment?

    Is leaving your toothbrush at his place a sign of commitment?

    hollyjean.sg 17 Apr '15, 12am

    I just got my husband a new electric toothbrush to replace his spoilt one. err yes my bathroom needs tidying lol And just looking at it today reminded me of the time when Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex & the City) tried leaving stuff at Big's apartment and he returned it all to her in a pa...

  • How to Care For Your Skin in the Sun

    hollyjean.sg 30 Apr '15, 8am

    One if the things I love about Singapore is that you can always count on the weather. You don't appreciate our scorching sun as much until you travel to places which are literally .... grey. And no, not in the fifty shades kind of way. However, even with our glorious sun shiny days, I...

  • TallyWackers the Male Version of Hooters

    TallyWackers the Male Version of Hooters

    hollyjean.sg 29 Apr '15, 3am

    This came up on my newsfeed a few days ago. Apparently, in Texas, there's a male version of Hooters restaurant. It's called Tally Wackers and scantily clad guys serve you. Wonder if any straight men would eat or drink there. Even if it were in Singapore, I doubt straight men would go....

  • Black or White this Sunday? And What Will Become of Singapore?

    hollyjean.sg 26 Mar '15, 7am

    Kind businesses along the riverfront and along the path where the queue meandered, they put out tables with free cold drinks, and some put chairs out for the weary to have some respite along the way. Good Samaritans just bought a load of drinks and food and passed them out to those qu...

  • New Doggy Diet For Lola

    New Doggy Diet For Lola

    hollyjean.sg 03 Apr '15, 2am

    Recently, when Lola runs about the house in the morning, I can hear a clicking sound. You know the sound your knees can sometimes make? It wasn't loud but it was constant.. like as she's running I can hear click click click click. Only happens in the morning, then it stops for the res...


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