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14 hours ago ... But here's the reason we look disapprovingly at you and your child. We don't go out to have a bad time. We don't pay to eat in a restaurant only ...

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  • Going bananas

    Going bananas

    hollyjean.sg 03 Feb '16, 12am

    I'm extremely exhausted! This is the 4th night in a row that Myla has started to get colicky again. No idea why. Almost 5 am now. From 11pm till 2am if I'm lucky... But the past few days it's been till 5 am then she stops wailing. I have to feed her at 6am. WTF. The day has begun and ...

  • Jerky Jerky Jerky (For your Dog!)

    Jerky Jerky Jerky (For your Dog!)

    hollyjean.sg 22 Jan '16, 3am

    There's like a whopping 32 different kinds of flavours. Ranging from $8 to $10 a bag. Succulent jerky reats your pooch will love too. Love that the bags are re-sealable and the jerky inside are individually wrapped. So it's always fresh and juicy anytime your dog wants a treat.

  • I've Found the Colic Culprit! Fenugreek!

    I've Found the Colic Culprit! Fenugreek!

    hollyjean.sg 20 Jan '16, 2am

    Ok.. I'm not 100% certain it's the Fenugreek supplement I've been taking... but I think it's what causing my baby to have colic/wind. Here's why... **Oh also I have a quick shout out for Shop Little One , where Myla got her headband from. They sell clothes, accessories, wetbags, and l...

  • The Unglamorous Side of Motherhood

    The Unglamorous Side of Motherhood

    hollyjean.sg 17 Jan '16, 4pm

    ... As if there actually were a glamorous side to it. Bahhahahahahaaaa David showed me this picture this evening. He had taken it a few days ago... And I have no recollection of it. At all. I'm THAT exhausted. When I looked at it, I said WTF I LOOK LIKE SHIT. This is me passed out wit...

  • I've Turned into an Exclusive Pumping Mum! *Wail*

    I've Turned into an Exclusive Pumping Mum! *Wail*

    hollyjean.sg 05 Jan '16, 6am

    You know, before Myla was born, I had decided to be a breastfeeding mum... one is because of the benefits in terms of anti-bodies, two because it's practically free, but the main reason for me was - Not having to wash and sterilize bottles the whole day. Yes, I'm lazy like that, and a...

  • Things No One Told Me About a CPP C-Section

    Things No One Told Me About a CPP C-Section

    hollyjean.sg 31 Dec '15, 6am

    I had always planned on having a C-section even before I got pregnant. It's just the way I am... I like things clinical, planned, and measured. Then, as things turned out, in the second half of the pregnancy, I had complete placenta previa and I would have to have a Csection anyway, i...

  • Our Precious Bundle of Joy

    Our Precious Bundle of Joy

    hollyjean.sg 27 Dec '15, 12am

    I think many of you have already speculated that I've delivered our baby girl because I've suddenly been absent from blogging. We had her prematurely at week 36, and I was warded in hospital from week 35 before finally having her via urgent csection on 18th December 2015, Myla Rae is ...

  • Whopping Weight Gain

    hollyjean.sg 10 Dec '15, 2am

    Just a quick update from last week's pregnancy post. Last week, baby suddenly started measuring too small during the scan. Even though just 2 weeks before that, at my 33week growth scan, she was the right size. It was worrying because she was only 2kg at 34weeks and 4 days, when she s...


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