10 hours ago ... My favorite fast food place in the world! So I'm surprised to say that I never knew about the McDonald's Prosperity Gives Back campaign which ...


  • The story of Fighter’s growth (height wise) – fourfeetnine 11 Oct '17, 9am

    I am a 30 yo man and I am 165cm in height. Ever since I realized what is height, I have been wondering what does it feel to be tall. Sometimes I would climb up the chair to see how does it feel to be tall. Basically in my childhood, everyone laughed at my height and I would just laugh...

  • Malaysia Airlines lies and cheats: How MAS ruined our Chinese New Year

    Malaysia Airlines lies and cheats: How MAS ruined our Chinese New Year 26 Jan '17, 11am

    This is not something new . MAS has been doing this for the longest time ever (just that probably in recent years they learn to “manage ” it better / less people take MAS ). Way back in 2006, this is a common occurrence during every holiday season. Studying in London then , I tend to ...

  • Working moms have it the toughest. Here’s how I want to help.

    Working moms have it the toughest. Here’s how I want to help. – fourfeetnine 23 Jun '17, 2am

    So you’ve all read Fatty’s b log post on Colony. How he conceptualized Colony, to his whole process in bringing his vision alive. My turn to talk about it from my perspective! So Fatty asked me to join him and help him start up Colony. And I agreed. Putting aside issues like how it af...

  • The pursuit of happiness 26 May '17, 2pm

    Hey Audrey. Thanks for this beautiful write up. I recently feel somewhat the same, like I don’t know who I am anymore. I think back at the time I was in college/uni, so happy, funny and sociable. Nowadays I don’t even know what to talk about when i see my friends as my brain feels so ...

  • @zenialeric

    A story of some kiasu parents – fourfeetnine 28 Jul '17, 2pm

    This is the story of last weekend. Fighter has been in Chiltern House – a bilingual preschool – for two years, and for kindergarten I’d actually planned to send him to a fully Mandarin school. Cos I’m a complete ‘banana’ so I’m already not much help wtf. I want him to be exposed to Ma...

  • Update: Malaysia Airlines wants to make amends 29 Jan '17, 8am

    MAS has responded. They actually replied pretty promptly, late in the evening on CNY eve but I was too tied up with reunion to update yet. I actually asked if they could set up a special hotline or email address or something specifically catered to passengers who encountered flight pr...

  • Instagram VS Reality. Who's in the lead in 2017?

    Instagram vs Reality 25 Apr '17, 11am

    I love Instagram! Do you love Instagram? I love how pretty Instagram photos are. A couple of years ago Instagram was full of boring hipsterish photos of autumn leaves or sunsets or whatever. And nobody edited their photos and only used Instagram’s inbuilt filters. Boring! Nowadays Ins...

  • How influencers fake their follower count

    How influencers fake their follower count on social media and how agencies help 26 Aug '15, 1pm

    scroll through their follower list and see a lot of profiles with no photos, with usernames like @4hrghhjs_skkfjkhs, chances are they’re bots watch an Instagram account and see the count go up by 100 or a round number every day, chances are they are bought. Actually, almost 100% confi...

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