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4 days ago ... Our final giveaway day is finally here, and while I'd love to write a lovely wrap-up to the whole thing...well...to be honest? There are so many ...

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  • Called Home

    Called Home

    crystalstine.me 18 Jan '17, 12pm

    For a season of my life, God gave me the opportunity to travel for work. I have to admit, I loved it. The introvert in me is perfectly content to sit by herself in a busy airport, people watching and drinking a latte from Starbucks while I wait for my plane to board. I loved the adven...

  • Community Means Giving Credit #holyhustle

    Community Means Giving Credit

    crystalstine.me 10 Jan '17, 3pm

    There is a section of Romans 12:10 (the ESV translation) that talks about outdoing one another in showing honor. When it comes to the work that we do and the world that we live in, more often than not we find ourselves experiencing the opposite of this Scripture. Someone else takes cr...

  • “When God places a gift in you, you must give birth to it.” @TracieBraylock https://t.co/QID1D9n9CS

    The Greatest Gift

    crystalstine.me 27 Dec '16, 12pm

    I have to get the knot out most mornings. Our son simply loves to twist his hair. It used to frustrate me, but now I know that it’s what he does. It’s part of his process and it’s part of mine. To nurture him instead of nag, to comfort him instead of pouring salt into an old wound. It...

    1. The Gift of Him crystalstine.me 28 Dec '16, 3pm
  • I Uninvited the Grinch this Christmas - a guest post by @BRennemeyer

    I Uninvited the Grinch this Christmas

    crystalstine.me 30 Dec '16, 3pm

    I shoved the last of the boxes into the closet and crossed my fingers as I closed the door. Glancing at my watch I made a quick scan to ensure it was presentable, shouted one more “clean your rooms” and “would someone PLEASE come get these shoes!” Party 4 of 8 would begin in T-minus 5...

  • A New Tradition - a guest post by @jennieastin

    A New Tradition

    crystalstine.me 29 Dec '16, 1pm

    Every year the holiday traditions change a bit from the year before, but there are some things that stay the same. Stockings are hung, a gingerbread house is pieced together, and we count down the days until Christmas on our advent calendar. Some things should stay the same because th...

  • @CrystalStine

    What I'm Refusing to Carry Into the New Year

    crystalstine.me 04 Jan '17, 1pm

    I love New Years resolutions. Not because I’ve found it particularly effective to set a major life change goal in January, but because I love goals. Whether it’s updating a vision board (I have one beside my desk), making a to-do list to plan my day, or having coffee with my husband t...

  • Holding All Time Together - a guest post by @dadavis3

    Holding All Time Together

    crystalstine.me 20 Dec '16, 3pm

    Christmas traditions have been the handed down generation to generation, but some can start today. Christmas traditions are a fun way for families to engage in Christmas festivities, making memories, year after year. Continuing family Christmas traditions is both necessary and meaning...

  • A Forgotten Christmas - a guest post by @powerofmodesty

    A Forgotten Christmas

    crystalstine.me 17 Dec '16, 3pm

    The greatest gift I’ve ever held tightly to is the birth of a babe I’ve never laid eyes on. He was born of flesh, conceived as Christ to live holed up in my worn-out soul. Jesus coming to earth is both a joy and a quandary. It’s a joy because He came to save me. It’s a quandary becaus...