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4 days ago ... Our final giveaway day is finally here, and while I'd love to write a lovely wrap-up to the whole thing...well...to be honest? There are so many ...

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  • She is Priceless

    crystalstine.me 16 May '17, 11am

    The first time I received a pearl necklace it was a gift for my college graduation. Apparently, that’s the traditional gift because I also received matching pearl earrings. The only other time pearls were added to my closet, I bought a strand of fake ones for myself as a souvenir duri...

  • Contagious Courage

    crystalstine.me 09 May '17, 4pm

    She walked confidently into the room and looked at the scene. Wading pools, water slides, 50-foot towers filled with water guns, hoses, buckets, and all manner of sprayers filled the space. To the left, a large shallow pool full of toddlers played on four slides. Further in front of u...

  • The Seismic Shift from Striving to Responding

    crystalstine.me 02 May '17, 4pm

    I had blogged for years, but one wintery day, I decided to get serious about writing instead of it just being a hobby. I designed a new website and started penning a book. Soon I was writing all hours of the night. I felt invigorated. My husband commented on my pleasant demeanor (as o...

  • “Tip 2: Show them the “before and after” effects of their work” @laurabooz #holyhustle https://t.co/Uzzu8IDeWx

    3 Happy Ways to Teach Your Children How to Hustle

    crystalstine.me 18 Apr '17, 10am

    I’m sitting here at McDonald’s during my daughter’s Youth Group meeting on a Sunday evening. I have one hour to write this post and I’m determined to crank it out. “America’s Funniest Videos” is playing on the large screen TV and there’s an annoying beeping in the background, but I’m ...

  • The Path from Striving to Serving - a #holyhustle guest post by @mckdbooks

    The Path from Striving to Serving

    crystalstine.me 25 Apr '17, 4pm

    I’ve discovered one secret to moving from striving to serving. The only problem is, I’m not naturally good at it. My family is well aware that I am not very observant. When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a duplex that had a short walkway with small patches of dirt on...

  • Goodbye Guilt. Hello Grace.

    crystalstine.me 11 Apr '17, 4pm

    Being a working mama means dishing out a whole lot of grace. All. Day. Long. To my family. To my friends. To my coworkers. And especially to myself. Truth be known, I’m better at frying up guilt than doling out grace. You see, over the years I’ve built up these fabulous fantasies in m...

  • “God calls us to do whatever is before us as if it is for Him.” @myinkdance #holyhustle https://t.co/3SCjcnCdqw

    The Question That Undoes Me Every Time

    crystalstine.me 05 Apr '17, 1am

    The question hung in the air between us. Her, wanting for a moment to grab it back, and me uncertain of whether to accept it. Do you work? It was only three words, yet they undid me…again. The woman who asked didn’t mean any harm by it. There was no animosity or challenge (although I ...

  • I entered to win a 6 month JellyTelly subscription & Roku Stick - you can, too!

    A JellyTelly Giveaway!

    crystalstine.me 30 Mar '17, 12pm

    As a busy mama, I often struggle to find tv shows and movies I trust for Madi to watch on her own, or that our whole family will enjoy. That’s why I wanted to share with you about an amazing app called JellyTelly ! JellyTelly is a streaming video service full of Christian shows and mo...