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4 days ago ... Our final giveaway day is finally here, and while I'd love to write a lovely wrap-up to the whole thing...well...to be honest? There are so many ...

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  • Let’s shine brighter and cast out some darkness. https://t.co/mTBsh3Lw6f

    5 Simple Ways to Encourage Someone Today

    crystalstine.me 18 Jul '16, 5pm

    Over at (in)courage today I’m sharing a post about why encouragement matters. With the craziness of the world right now it feels like intentional encouragement might be needed more than ever. And for a gal who likes to have a plan and a purpose and make things better, when I feel like...

  • Suddenly everyone seems to be at the same place at the same time and we wonder “where’s my invitation?” https://t.co/iBObQaCVYs

    10 Things You Should Know About My Trip This Week

    crystalstine.me 11 Jul '16, 11am

    I need you to know that I’m going on a work trip this week. Not because I think you’ll care about the actual work I’ll be doing when I’m out there, but because you’ll probably see some photos shared on Instagram (assuming their new algorithm doesn’t hide them. GRR.). And I don’t want ...

    1. It’s the little things karencheng.com.au 13 Jul '16, 4am
  • The Search for a New Calling

    The Search for a New Calling

    crystalstine.me 08 Jul '16, 2pm

    What do you do when you realize your personal dreams and goals have become so intertwined with your professional opportunities at work (that you love) that you can’t tell the difference between them anymore? When I worked at the bank it was easier to understand when a project was hand...

  • Some summer favorites (and a giveaway) to kick off your weekend from @crystalstine

    Friday Favorites (and a giveaway!)

    crystalstine.me 03 Jun '16, 12pm

    We’re wrapping up the first week of summer vacation and so far it’s been one of the smoothest transitions we’ve had in our 10 years of marriage. Working full-time from home and being married to a teacher who is home all summer has made for some bumpy schedules in the past, but coming ...

  • #goals

    crystalstine.me 19 May '16, 11am

    When I first signed up for Twitter, back in ye olden days, I went ahead and followed all the celebrities Twitter recommended for me. I assumed they knew better than I did (and honestly, I didn’t know who I should follow anyway) so I went ahead and accepted all their suggestions. Y’all...

    1. #goals crystalstine.me 22 May '16, 10pm
  • Better at the Beach

    crystalstine.me 29 Jun '16, 2pm

    I’m a reluctant vacation-taker. I usually end the year with the majority of my vacation days still left, waiting to be used. Not because I don’t love time off work, but because I’ve given myself a false sense of security and worth based on my uninterrupted presence in front of my comp...

  • For the Planners - an @AnchoredinGod giveaway!

    For the Planners

    crystalstine.me 17 Jun '16, 4pm

    I love a planner. I’ve got notebooks and to do lists and fancy paper and cute pens and all manner of apps on my phone and yet? I keep going back to a planner. If it has a hard cover, even better, especially if it lays flat beautifully and can be beside me while I work. To be honest, I...


    Happy is the New Perfect (a Hallmark Giveaway!)

    crystalstine.me 29 Apr '16, 12pm

    When God made me a mama, He grew my heart in unimaginable ways. I didn’t know it was possible to love a little one with such a big love, to be so incredibly exhausted, to laugh so hard, or to cry so much. God gave us a daughter who is all we’ve ever prayed for and more, and she is tea...